Group 1


Group 1

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship 2019
Carlow I.T

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship 2019
Glennon Brothers Pearse Park, Longford

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship Group 1
O Moore Park, Portlaoise

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship Group 1
Glennon Brothers Pearse Park, Longford

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship Group 1
Cusack Park, Mullingar

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship Group 1
Glennon Brothers Pearse Park, Longford

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship Group 1 Top Scorer Table

RankPlayerTeamGoals ScoredPoints ScoredTotal Pts
1Jack DugganLongford Minor Footballers21521
2Ben McGauranWestmeath Minor Footballers21117
3Brian WhelanLaois Minor Footballers11215
4Rioghan MurphyLaois Minor Footballers2410
5Luke BuckleyWestmeath Minor Footballers2410
6Dylan DoyleCarlow Minor Footballers099
7Darragh NolanCarlow Minor Footballers099
8Shane ReidWestmeath Minor Footballers309
9Colin DunneLaois Minor Footballers088
10Tiernan HusseyLongford Minor Footballers147
11Dan LeechWestmeath Minor Footballers066
12Oisin HooneyLaois Minor Footballers114
13Aaron FarrellLongford Minor Footballers033
14Keelan McGannLongford Minor Footballers033
15Devin HillWestmeath Minor Footballers033
16Anthony KeatingCarlow Minor Footballers033
17PJ WardLaois Minor Footballers103
18Conor GibneyWestmeath Minor Footballers022
19Conor GoodeLaois Minor Footballers022
20Ronan HanleyWestmeath Minor Footballers022
21Darragh SeeryWestmeath Minor Footballers011
22Patrick McDonnellCarlow Minor Footballers011
23Shane BuggyCarlow Minor Footballers011
24Mark KehoeLaois Minor Footballers011
25Conor LeonardLongford Minor Footballers011
26Dan BrennanCarlow Minor Footballers011
27Fiachra FitzpatrickCarlow Minor Footballers011
28Ben CrottyCarlow Minor Footballers011
29Paul O FlynnLaois Minor Footballers011
30Darren MnguniWestmeath Minor Footballers011
31Ciaran BurkeLaois Minor Footballers011
32Padhraic ByrneCarlow Minor Footballers011
33Ronan SheahanLongford Minor Footballers011
34Eoghan CunnaneCarlow Minor Footballers011
35Kevin TanseyLongford Minor Footballers011
36Shane WilliamsWestmeath Minor Footballers011
37Ciaran O NeillLaois Minor Footballers011

Group 2


Group 2

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship 2019
St Patrick’s Park, Enniscorthy

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship 2019
Parnell Park, Dublin

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship Group 2
St Patrick’s Park, Enniscorthy

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship Group 2
Pairc Tailteann, Navan

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship Group 2
Pairc Tailteann, Navan

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship Group 2
O Connor Park, Tullamore

Group 3


Group 3

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship 2019
St Conleth's Park, Newbridge

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship 2019
Nowlan Park, Kilkenny

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship 2019
Nowlan Park, Kilkenny

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship Group 3
St Marys, Ardee

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship Group 3
St Conleth's Park, Newbridge

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship Group 3
Joule Park Aughrim

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship Group 3 Top Scorer Table

RankPlayerTeamGoals ScoredPoints ScoredTotal Pts
1Eoin DoyleWicklow Minor Footballers51429
2Matthew GingWicklow Minor Footballers21420
3Luke MatthewsLouth Minor Footballers11518
4Shane DalyWicklow Minor Footballers2713
5Conor FulhamWicklow Minor Footballers3110
6Ben CollierLouth Minor Footballers169
7Eoin BagnalKildare Minor Footballers099
8Ryan MurphyKilkenny Minor Footballers169
9Vincent O GradyKilkenny Minor Footballers239
10Aaron BrowneKildare Minor Footballers099
11Adam ConneelyKildare Minor Footballers158
12Oisin MilmoeKildare Minor Footballers147
13Craig ShevlinLouth Minor Footballers136
14Tom GrayLouth Minor Footballers066
15Conall McCaulLouth Minor Footballers066
16Ciaran O BrienKildare Minor Footballers125
17Joe PrendergastWicklow Minor Footballers125
18Shane FlynnKildare Minor Footballers044
19Jack KirwanWicklow Minor Footballers114
20Eoin MeehanKildare Minor Footballers033
21Bradley HickeyWicklow Minor Footballers033
22Carl GillespieLouth Minor Footballers033
23Cillian McDonaldWicklow Minor Footballers022
24Donal LeavyLouth Minor Footballers022
25Tommy CooganKilkenny Minor Footballers022
26Daniel CooneyWicklow Minor Footballers022
27Jamie O BrienKildare Minor Footballers022
28Tom KeoghWicklow Minor Footballers022
29Tommy GillKildare Minor Footballers011
30Tom MoranWicklow Minor Footballers011
31Eoin CrowleyKilkenny Minor Footballers011
32Aedan BoyleKildare Minor Footballers011
33Jimmy O NeillKildare Minor Footballers011
34Oisin CarrollKilkenny Minor Footballers011
35Micky SpillaneKildare Minor Footballers011
36Fionn BlancheKilkenny Minor Footballers011
37Jordan BradyWicklow Minor Footballers011
38James DillonKildare Minor Footballers011
39Mickey DelahuntyKildare Minor Footballers011
40Fiachra GalvinKildare Minor Footballers011
41Dan WoulfeKildare Minor Footballers011

Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship Top Scorer Table

RankPlayerTeamGoals ScoredPoints ScoredTotal Pts
1Fionn MurrayDublin Minor Footballers33241
2Ben McGauranWestmeath Minor Footballers32130
3Eoin DoyleWicklow Minor Footballers51429
4Eoin BagnalKildare Minor Footballers12427
5Matthew GingWicklow Minor Footballers21723
6Jack DugganLongford Minor Footballers21521
7Aaron BrowneKildare Minor Footballers11821
8Luke MatthewsLouth Minor Footballers11518
9Cormac DelaneyOffaly Minor Footballers11417
10Eoghan FrayneMeath Minor Footballers11417
11Robbie BolgerDublin Minor Footballers3817
12Brian WhelanLaois Minor Footballers11417
13Shane DalyWicklow Minor Footballers21117
14Niall FinnertyMeath Minor Footballers21016
15Jack O LearyWexford Minor Footballers11316
16David BellMeath Minor Footballers2915
17Luke BuckleyWestmeath Minor Footballers2814
18Shane ReidWestmeath Minor Footballers4214
19Ryan O DwyerDublin Minor Footballers11013
20Luke SwanDublin Minor Footballers2612
21Alex RogersDublin Minor Footballers01111
22Rioghan MurphyLaois Minor Footballers2410
23Conor FulhamWicklow Minor Footballers3110
24Colin DunneLaois Minor Footballers099
25Dylan DoyleCarlow Minor Footballers099
26Ben CollierLouth Minor Footballers169
27Darragh NolanCarlow Minor Footballers099
28Ryan MurphyKilkenny Minor Footballers169
29Dan LeechWestmeath Minor Footballers099
30Vincent O GradyKilkenny Minor Footballers239
31Joe PrendergastWicklow Minor Footballers239
32Shane FlynnKildare Minor Footballers088
33Adam ConneelyKildare Minor Footballers158
34Morgan TynanOffaly Minor Footballers088
35Oisin MilmoeKildare Minor Footballers158
36Fionn O HaraWestmeath Minor Footballers147
37Sean KinsellaDublin Minor Footballers147
38Oisin HooneyLaois Minor Footballers217
39Tiernan HusseyLongford Minor Footballers147
40Barry ThompsonMeath Minor Footballers147
41Craig ShevlinLouth Minor Footballers136
42Tom GrayLouth Minor Footballers066
43Conall McCaulLouth Minor Footballers066
44Ciaran O BrienKildare Minor Footballers125
45Eoin MeehanKildare Minor Footballers055
46Luke CurranDublin Minor Footballers055
47Aaron ChinchillaMeath Minor Footballers114
48Conor GoodeLaois Minor Footballers044
49Shane SmythMeath Minor Footballers114
50Rory O ConnorWexford Minor Footballers044
51Devin HillWestmeath Minor Footballers044
52Jack KirwanWicklow Minor Footballers114
53Joe CurtisWexford Minor Footballers114
54Ross KeoghDublin Minor Footballers044
55Leigh WhelanWexford Minor Footballers033
56David O DowdDublin Minor Footballers033
57Aaron FarrellLongford Minor Footballers033
58Keelan McGannLongford Minor Footballers033
59Pearse SheridanMeath Minor Footballers033
60Darragh FlynnOffaly Minor Footballers033
61Anthony KeatingCarlow Minor Footballers033
62Evan CorriganMeath Minor Footballers103
63Bradley HickeyWicklow Minor Footballers033
64PJ WardLaois Minor Footballers103
65Carl GillespieLouth Minor Footballers033
66Tom KeoghWicklow Minor Footballers033
67Cillian McDonaldWicklow Minor Footballers022
68Ryan ConnollyWexford Minor Footballers022
69Conor GibneyWestmeath Minor Footballers022
70Josh CarolanMeath Minor Footballers022
71Luke Murphy GuinaneDublin Minor Footballers022
72Donal LeavyLouth Minor Footballers022
73Tommy CooganKilkenny Minor Footballers022
74Liam DoyleWexford Minor Footballers022
75Dara FaganDublin Minor Footballers022
76Ronan HanleyWestmeath Minor Footballers022
77Daniel CooneyWicklow Minor Footballers022
78Jay SheerinOffaly Minor Footballers022
79Jamie O BrienKildare Minor Footballers022
80Callum MonaghanDublin Minor Footballers022
81Mickey DelahuntyKildare Minor Footballers022
82Sean GreeneLaois Minor Footballers011
83Conor ArcherDublin Minor Footballers011
84Tommy GillKildare Minor Footballers011
85Tom MoranWicklow Minor Footballers011
86Patrick McDonnellCarlow Minor Footballers011
87Darragh SeeryWestmeath Minor Footballers011
88Eamon MartinWestmeath Minor Footballers011
89Shane BuggyCarlow Minor Footballers011
90Senan ForkerDublin Minor Footballers011
91Mark KehoeLaois Minor Footballers011
92Kevin EustaceKildare Minor Footballers011
93Dan BrennanCarlow Minor Footballers011
94Conor LeonardLongford Minor Footballers011
95Cillian LawlorWestmeath Minor Footballers011
96Fiachra FitzpatrickCarlow Minor Footballers011
97Ben CrottyCarlow Minor Footballers011
98Darren MnguniWestmeath Minor Footballers011
99Paul O FlynnLaois Minor Footballers011
100Adam KellyOffaly Minor Footballers011
101Eoin CrowleyKilkenny Minor Footballers011
102Ciaran BurkeLaois Minor Footballers011
103Ronan SheahanLongford Minor Footballers011
104Padhraic ByrneCarlow Minor Footballers011
105Paul DeenyWexford Minor Footballers011
106Aitzol KingMeath Minor Footballers011
107Aedan BoyleKildare Minor Footballers011
108Eoghan CunnaneCarlow Minor Footballers011
109Oisin CarrollKilkenny Minor Footballers011
110Jimmy O NeillKildare Minor Footballers011
111Micky SpillaneKildare Minor Footballers011
112Fionn BlancheKilkenny Minor Footballers011
113Harry ColcloughDublin Minor Footballers011
114Kevin TanseyLongford Minor Footballers011
115Shane WilliamsWestmeath Minor Footballers011
116Jordan BradyWicklow Minor Footballers011
117Ciaran O NeillLaois Minor Footballers011
118James DillonKildare Minor Footballers011
119Fiachra GalvinKildare Minor Footballers011
120Dan WoulfeKildare Minor Footballers011





Date Time League Season Match Day Full Time
23/04/2019 7:00 pm Electric Ireland Leinster Minor Football Championship 2019 2019 23 Apr 2019 60'

Wicklow Minor Football Management Team 2019

Kevin O BrienManager
Gareth DoyleCoach
JB CarthyCoach
Mickey DalyCoach
Jimmy WhittleCoordinator
Jim MolloyKit Man

Wicklow Minor Football Squad 2019

Wicklow Minor Football Squad 2019

#PlayerTeamPositionGoals ScoredPoints ScoredTotal Pts
1Adam HaddenWicklow Minor FootballersDefender000
2Andy NolanWicklow Minor FootballersGoalkeeper000
3Arun Daly DanneWicklow Minor FootballersMidfielder000
4Bradley HickeyWicklow Minor FootballersDefender033
5Cian HynesWicklow Minor FootballersDefender000
6Cillian McDonaldWicklow Minor FootballersDefender022
7Conor FulhamWicklow Minor FootballersForward3110
8Daniel CooneyWicklow Minor FootballersMidfielder022
9Daniel HealyWicklow Minor FootballersDefender000
10Daniel HeddermanWicklow Minor FootballersDefender000
11Eoin DoyleWicklow Minor FootballersForward51429
12Eoin O NeillWicklow Minor FootballersForward000
13Fionn O’SullivanWicklow Minor FootballersForward000
14Jack GraceWicklow Minor FootballersDefender000
15Jack KirwanWicklow Minor FootballersMidfielder114
16Jack SargentWicklow Minor FootballersGoalkeeper000
17Jack TraceyWicklow Minor FootballersForward000
18Joe MillsWicklow Minor FootballersForward000
19Joe PrendergastWicklow Minor FootballersForward239
20Jordan BradyWicklow Minor FootballersDefender011
21Keith BurkeWicklow Minor FootballersForward000
22Luka HarneyWicklow Minor FootballersMidfielder000
23Luke DorganWicklow Minor FootballersForward000
24Luke O BrienWicklow Minor FootballersDefender000
25Matthew GingWicklow Minor FootballersForward21723
26Mikey O RourkeWicklow Minor FootballersForward000
27Neil BrowneWicklow Minor FootballersDefender000
28Roy ByrneWicklow Minor FootballersForward000
29Sam KearneyWicklow Minor FootballersDefender000
30Sean CoffeyWicklow Minor FootballersForward000
31Shane DalyWicklow Minor FootballersForward21117
32Thade ShanahanWicklow Minor FootballersDefender000
33Tom KeoghWicklow Minor FootballersForward033
34Tom MoranWicklow Minor FootballersDefender011

12 Clubs are represented on the Wicklow Squad

An Tochar: Jordan Brady

Baltinglass: Arun Daly Danne, Jack Kirwan, Tom Keogh

Blessington: Daniel Cooney, Jack Sargent, Luke O’Brien

Bray Emmets: Jack Tracey, Sam Kearney

Donard/Glen: Jack Grace, Joe Mills, Shane Daly

Dunlavin: Mikey O’Rourke, Tom Moran

Eire Og: Cian Hynes, Conor Fulham, Daniel Healy, Eoin O’Neill, Joe Prendergast, Luke Dorgan, Neil Browne, Thade Shanahan

Hollywood: Keith Burke, Luka Harney

Kilcoole: Roy Byrne

Laragh: Andy Nolan

Rathnew: Eoin Doyle, Fionn O’Sullivan, Sean Coffey

Tinahely: Adam Hadden, Bradley Hickey, Cillian McDonald, Daniel Hedderman, Matthew Ging

Kildare Team To Face Wicklow

Wicklow Minor Football Friendly

The Wicklow Minors will host Laois in Donard on Saturday the 19th of January with two games taking place to give every player on the squad game time to show what they can do. Great to see a few supporters heading to Donard to have a look at this great young squad and it is a great achievement for these lads to represent their clubs and communities on the Wicklow Squad so well done to them all.

Wicklow Minor Football Friendly
Geashill, Offaly


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