WATCH: This Journey Has Dancing, Nudity & Singing In The Rain, You Better Believe It’s The Tinahely Dinner Dance

For the uninitiated the good people of Tinahely love 3 things:

  1. Their Football
  2. Kevin Darcy’s Singing
  3. Getting Naked To Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”

To celebrate their great success on the football field in 2018, Tinahely held a Dinner Dance to reflect on a brilliant year and as they love a good party this years Dinner Dance was no exception as you’ll see in the videos below. The night really kicked off when the DJ played Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing and in a long running Tinahely tradition the tops came off and some half naked Tinahelians performed some of the best Belly Dancing this side of Nile River as shirts swung wildly above their heads.

But that wasn’t the only highlight of the night as Kevin Darcy did what Kevin Darcy does best and thrilled his adoring fans! For anyone who doesn’t know Kevin Darcy, he’s best known as the Publican who runs Maggies Bar in Tinahely and father to the very talented footballer Eoin Darcy who lit up last years Minor football Championship for Wicklow but Kevin is more famous in Tinahely for something else as Kevin is actually the Pied Piper of Tinahely! Watch him lead the whole of Tinahely in song here! What A Man!!