Women’s All Ireland Shield Final Rathdrum RFC v Tullamore RFC 24/03/18 @13:00 Dubarry Park, Athlone

Meet The Team

El Capitano – Kellie Fennell
The Centre of The Rathdrum Universe – Heather & Sammy
Lisa Cahill – No Strings Attached
Trish – No Love Just Hate Tomorrow
Mo – Salah has nothing on this lady
Noelle – Supermans Lovechild
Caitlin – Hands off the merchandise
Bill’s Milfs
Aoife – Always have your Pinky Finger out when drinking or are being chased by the invisible man
Nicki – Fullstop Fennell
Ambo – Happiness is flattening Opposition 10’s or when you just pulled a Rainbow
Linda Loves D(Foam Roller)
Madge – The normal one
Becky – Gonzales
Clarisse – Likes Short Shorts
Stef Windsor – One Team One Dream
Nicola – Loves a Good Sous

A huge game for the Ladies of Rathdrum Rugby Club in the All-Ireland Shield Final against the Tullamore RFC ladies tomorrow in Dubarry Park Athlone.

Kellie Fennell leads this fantastic team on the pitch with coaches Jason and Brian roaring them on ably abetted by the Rathdrum Rugby Moms or “Bills Milfs” as I like to call them who support, feed and take care of the girls every needs at every game and training.

Now we move swiftly on to their opponents Tullamore! Now we have all probably had the misfortune of bumping into a BIFFO at some stage in our lives, that unmistakable smell of swamp lingering in your nostrils long after the Swamp dweller has long since passed is unforgettable. It’s a fairly horrific experience but nothing close to the experience our battle hardened Rathdrum Ladies will encounter tomorrow as they take to the pitch in Dubarry Park. The Drummettes will have to overcome the combined stench of 15 Biffo’s plus the entourage of Swamp People supporting them who are best known for wrestling alligators in the swamplands of Offaly to pass the time. However Bill would give no Swamp arse an unfair advantage so he has enlisted the help of the Athlone Fire Brigade who have promised to hose down the bang of Bog off the Tullamore crowd so that’s one less thing for our Drummettes to overcome.

It promises to be an epic clash of two Rugby heavyweights and all travelling Wicklow support is greatly appreciated. Best of Luck to Rathdrum Bill Hill is rooting for you!