Wicklow’s only All Amish Gaa Club Barndarrig Confident 2018 is their Year

After a much publicised controversy in the 2017 Junior Hurling Championship the Amish Community Of Barndarrig are in confident mood that they can go all the way in 2018.

Speaking with our reporter, new Barndarrig Hurling Manager Jebediah Murphy was in a confident mood when discussing his sides chances. Jebediah captained the last Barndarrig team to win a Senior Hurling Title and he believes the Barndarrig Amish have hampered their chances of success by not embracing technology.

Yes we shun fancy things like electricity and even our best candles don’t light up the training patch behind Samuels Hay Barn. Because of this we can’t train on winter nights and our days consist of hard work and sacrifice, a hurlers life ain’t easy in an Amish paradise!

The arrival of floodlights in the county marked the slump in Barndarrigs fortunes with the team unable to train in the winter months with no floodlights or electricity like their rivals.

However all is not lost as the new motorway upgrade that runs through Amish land has brought with it some big fancy lights enough to light the patch behind Samuels Hay Barn and now winter training is a possibility once all the chores have been done.

Adding to the good news, star hurler and legend in the world of butter churning Ezekiel Devereux has returned to the team after getting all his fields ploughed in time for the hurling season ahead after he had left the squad last year to focus on his chores.

Last year the county board kicked us in the butt on Championship week, but we just smiled at them and turned the other cheek. Im on the Hurling field day and night, scoring points to get recognised in the afterlife.

Even with all this positivity in the Barndarrig Amish camp local Bookmakers have them at 10/1 outsiders to win this years Junior A Hurling Championship perhaps due to the worry that their Horse and Buggies will not get them to games on time to fulfil their fixtures but we wait excitedly to see what’s in store for our technologically impaired friends from Barndarrig.