1. Name:

Jacques McCall

2. Club:


3. Position:

Anywhere will do

4. Occupation/Studying:

Studying languages bai

5. Favourite GAA Player:

Austin Gleeson, can do it all.

6. Favourite Wicklow GAA Player:

Jack Doyle, comedic on the ball

7. Favourite Club Player:

Johnny the rock runs away with it all day long.

8. GAA Ambition:

Win a County final or two, that’d be ideal

9. Best Moment of GAA Career so far:

Wining the Minor final.

10. Funniest GAA moment:

Watching one of the lads from home try put the ball over the bar but cracking it off his own forehead instead hahaha

11. Your most embarrassing GAA moment:

Getting the curly finger after 25 mins off John Evans in the championship

12. Dream Wicklow Woman/Man:

I second seanies choice.

13. Toughest Opponent:

The Has to be Jimmy Hyland from Kildare, serious player that lad

14. Biggest Inspiration/Influence on your GAA career:

The grandfather or an old school teacher.

15. 3 famous people you’d share share a meal with and why?

Probably have John Mullane, prince and Rihanna. Sound group.

16. Favourite Music:

Not fussy

17. Favourite GAA Ground:

Has to be kilmacurragh, a fortress with top facilities

18. What Wicklow GAA club bar your own has the nicest jersey:

Newtown maybe, tidy enough kit.. pity about the people wearing it

19. Hidden Talent:

Serious singer

20. As a County Hurler many Jersey Pullers would be highly interested so where can those interested parties get in touch: