1. Name: Aaron Kinsella

2. Club: Coolboy /Carnew

3. Position:

Anywhere there is pulling to be done

4. Occupation/Studying:

Studying enterprise computing in DCU

5. Favourite GAA Player:

Padraic Maher

6. Favourite Wicklow GAA Player:

Enda ‘the tank’ Donohue, despite his little game time..

7. Favourite Club Player:

Padraig (Spud) Doran

8. GAA Ambition:

Few senior county titles would be lovely.

9. Best Moment of GAA Career so far:

Hard beat the feeling of 2 minor titles in a row

10. Funniest GAA moment:

Flattened poor owl Jerry Corbitt in a football match thought we were going to have to call an ambulance.

11. Your most embarrassing GAA moment:

I’m proud of all my appearances on the Pitch

12. Dream Wicklow Woman/Man:

Cormac ‘mop’ Doyle , the chap is just beautiful….

13. Toughest Opponent:

Probably Seanie Germane, the owl lad paid for his speed sure…

14. Biggest Inspiration/Influence on your GAA career:

Have to be The Tank gave many inspiring speeches throughout the years

15. 3 Famous People you’d like to share a meal with and why:

McGregor cos hes a slick c*nt, Tupac cos he is still alive 😱 and Rita Ora because who wouldn’t have her

16. Favourite Music:

Gangsta Rap

17. Favourite GAA Ground:

Cant bait the top pitch in carnew

18. What Wicklow GAA club bar your own has the nicest jersey:

There’s none nicer than Coolboy sorry

19. Hidden Talent:

Can roll a rollie with my eyes closed..

20. As a County Hurler many Jersey Pullers would be highly interested so where can those interested parties get in touch:

Just slide into my DMs