1. Name: Aaron Byrne

2. Club: Kiltegan

3. Position: Half Forward

4. Occupation/Studying:

Just done a plc but shhhhh

5. Favourite GAA Player:

Lee Chin what a man!!!!

6. Favourite Wicklow GAA Player:

Seanie Germaine Mr. County down here

7. Favourite Club Player:

Jonathan Tallon never know what could happen

8. GAA Ambition:

Win hurling and football club championship in one year🤞🏻 ambitious I know…

9. Best Moment of GAA Career so far:

Winning Junior A hurling championship with the father last year!

10. Funniest GAA moment:

Attempting a no look shot over the bar in Kiltegan missing the ball and literally doing a flip and breaking myself up…

11. Your most embarrassing GAA moment:

Same as 11 unfortunately Womder coogan will never let it go…

12. Dream Wicklow Woman/Man:

Bill Hill of course😍

13. Toughest Opponent:

Rathnew in general, learned a few lessons last year😂

14. The biggest influence on your GAA career:

The father himself, has me at it since I was 3!!

15. 3 Famous People you’d like to share a meal with and why:

Tommy Tiernan, Liam and Noel Gallagher, few tunes and tommy to just instigate rows

16. Favourite Music: The script👌🏻

17. Favourite GAA Ground:

Can’t beat a summer champo day in aughrim!!

18. What Wicklow GAA club bar your own has the nicest jersey:

Stratford is probably the pick of a bad bunch…

19. Hidden Talent:

The rattling bog!!

20. As a County Hurler many Jersey Pullers would be highly interested so where can those interested parties get in touch:

Ah anyone desperate enough has to be passed by David Parke first so drop him a text🤙🏻