Wicklow Pubs Emoji Quiz Winner

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Another puzzle to keep the minds busy saw another huge response and drove a lot of people half mad trying to figure out the small few they were short. We ended up with many many people just short by two or three but one lady and her helpers were within a whisker of solving them all late last night and early this morning they figured out the final pieces of the puzzle they were missing. So without boring the holes of you anymore……






A big congratulations to Caroline and her team who were the first in with the correct 32 pub names and bag the €30 voucher which they have chosen to be from Jacobs Well pub in Rathdrum where they hope to stop off on a trip to Aughrim when the GAA is back up and running.

Well done to everyone who took part and to all who had the correct entries but were beaten to it on the clock by Caroline and co. We will try to come up with another puzzle to keep you all occupied but the next might be minus the prize but if anybody would like to sponsor a winners prize that would be brilliant as we unfortunately operate on a G-String budget so there’s only so many prizes we can afford.



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