Wicklow Ladies v Derry Girls

The Wicklow Ladies Footballers kick off their 2018 Campaign at home to the Derry Girls. There is huge hype surrounding the Derry Girls this season and new Derry sponsor Channel 4 has pulled out all the stops this year with the management team putting together a whole new cast of Derry Girls to take on the Wicklow Ladies. We here at Bill Hill know all to well that the Wicklow women won’t be phased in the least by whatever Derry can throw at them so we say to the Derry management team “Catch Yourselves On”, you must be mad coming down to take on our women. It will inevitably be a big “SLÁINTE MUTHAF*CKAS” from Wicklow to Derry as we wrap up the first points of the league campaign!

Last year the awesome Wicklow Ladies successfully raided north of the wall on numerous occasions, all but reclaiming the six counties with ease! The post match team photos of the Wicklow Ladies victories up north just like the victory over Fermanagh shown below were absolutely spine chilling and serve as a stark reminder to all of this teams ruthlessness.

So on Sunday the 28th of January, Roundwood plays host to Wicklow v Derry in round 1 of the Lidl Division 4 Ladies NFL and it promises to be a box office event. Wicklow have too many star players to mention but more silverware is a strong possibility and we wish them all the best.

The game is fixed for a 2pm throw in up in Roundwood so I’m sure the Derry Girls will be Sheepish enough about an away trip like that so get out and support the troops and hopefully our Ladies will send them back north of the wall!💙💛 Hon the Garden