Wicklow Ladies Football Away Days – The Adventures of Patrice & Nicola

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Wicklow to Sligo is not the easiest of journeys but that doesn’t stop our passionate Wicklow Supporters from traveling 100’s of Kilometers to roar on our Ladies! Two of these very Ladies set out from Wicklow Town bright and early this morning and here’s a little insight of their trip to the Wild Wesht😉

The Adventures of Patrice & Nicola

The Rally begins near a Supermarket that isn’t LIDL so we will not speak of it but they do pass the finest LIDL in the land👌LIDL for all your shopping needs😉 Shameless Plug✔️😂

Our driver fancies themselves as bit of a Whacky Racer and it isn’t long till our two amigos are winging their way through the flat boringness of Kildare where those Horsewhisperers live😴😴 Even listening to Newtalk is more exciting😂

You can take the Woman out of Wicklow but you can’t take the Pats out of the woman😂 Check out the wing mirror😉

Only 166km to go🙈🙈🙈 Buying cars off the Wexicans🤔

Imagine they put a Centerparcs in Longford🙃 Were they mad what were they thinking🙈😂 No sign of them sending a photo of Big Mickeys but there was an unexplained 20 minute gap between photos😉😂

A few candles had to be lit and confessions heard💙💛😂

Wicklow had two points on the board before a ball was even kicked and even the speed vans were supporting Wicklow😂😂💙💛

Souvenirs were bought for the cousins in Annacurra & Coolkenno😂😂

Calvin Klein on Shannon in sight

Celebrating the promotion with the lovely Leitrim people

Couldn’t find a LIDL so had to make do with an Aldi for the cakes😂

Roscommon, what can ya say about the place? They have some of the most fantastic dampness in the world there!

An obligatory stop off at a misfortunate family members house who is stuck living over the Wesht

ARRIVED!!! Clonacool County Sligo! Breathtaking scenery, a stand, freshly painted blue and gold dressing rooms but no tea available so never coming back here again!!

Teams in!!

The Corporate Seats at Clonacool with three beautiful rocks complimenting the fantastic vista! These seats are expensive for a reason!

The result didn’t go our way unfortunately!!

These ladies travel in all weather!!!

Well done to these ladies for travelling up and down the country to support our teams, they are a credit county Wicklow

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