We would love this to become a reality and see a Wicklow Charity benefit from the money that would be generated from the many amongst us who have dreamed about watching some of the finest specimens of men this county has ever seen grace it’s GAA fields come together and treat us to some of the purest football brilliance we will see in our lifetimes in one place.

These legends are not the men who donned the blue and gold of Wicklow in their day but the men you hear fearsome tales of in the deepest darkest corners of pubs like Black Toms, The Olde Ship and The Dying Cow. These are men who could only legally perform on Thursday nights such is the mastery of their craft, men who needed not the training sessions of lesser men and these are men who wore heavy black knee bandages just because they could.

These men we seek in your nominations are men who played hard and pinted even harder only stopping to take a puff of a major that was carefully stored in the sock. We ask you to nominate your men who have lit up Thursday Night football over the years so we can attempt to bring them all to one pitch for one majestic occasion and by doing so help the plight of a Wicklow Charity.

With such a gathering of esteemed football royalty it would only be fitting that we assembled a crack team of highly skilled Junior B match officials so we ask you to also nominate a Referee, Linesmen, Umpires, Bar Staff and VAR Officials in case any pints are questionable in the pub afterwards!

This is an idea in its infancy but it is something that with some help might be a great way of raising some money for a deserving charity in County Wicklow so with your help we might be able to push this towards becoming a reality. Nominate a few legends of Wicklow Junior Football from past to present or even get in touch yourself and we will see if the interest would be there to make this happen. We would need some volunteers to organise the event and a venue willing to host the game, but most importantly above all else, a pub or pubs to keep the lads hydrated so if you can help with any of those then get in touch. Remember the Dehydration of a Junior B Footballer is a dangerous dangerous thing…..

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