Wicklow GAA Greats – An Interview With Don Jackman

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Don Jackman

We had a chat with one of this counties most well known GAA figures about his career. A man who we make no secret about being one our favourites and as iconic a baller as you are likely to find and the greatest Jackman to come out of Coolkenno if you asked him!! This man needs no introduction so here’s how our chat with the man himself went:

Our Chat With Don:

Q. How many years have you been playing GAA?

A. 34 started at 4

Q. In that 34 years has there been a player or players you hated seeing coming your way to mark you?

A. Not really, had good battles with Colm Toomey whenever we played

Q. Was there a teammate in Coolkenno in all those years that was fit to lace your boots?

A. No maybe Eamon Rossiter

Q. You played on many Wicklow panels over the years and played with the best of them. If you could have poached one of them to play with Coolkenno who would you choose and for what reason?

A. James Stafford, good midfielder

Q. You played on the Wicklow team during Mickos reign. What did you make of him?

A. Great trainer only too many laps

Q. You also played under Mickos son Karl O Dwyer. Would he have been in the same league?

A. Great trainer too, he wasn’t as fond of the laps thank God

Q. You’ve played with some of the best but some lads just dont have it no matter how hard they try. Who is the Coolkenno player who never had it and will never have it and why?

A. Cathal Rossiter, mouths too much

Q. Have you a game that meant the most to you in the 34 years?

A. 2002 Intermediate Final and 2011 with Mary’s but 02 probably meant more because it was Coolkenno

Q. Your on field exploits are legendary and your off field ones are said to be none to shabby either. Have you any funny stories from your nights out with the football?

A. Probably the funniest is David Dillon thinking he could fly down in Clare only to fall and split his chin on the path, he still has the scar to prove it

Q. Would he ever be capable of winning a ball above you?

A. Not a hope

Q. Who would you say has had the biggest influence on your gaa career?

A. Honestly no one in particular just love playing the game

Q. What got you playing GAA as a young lad?

A. Just remember being dropped off to the field to training and never looked back

Q. Is the GAA big in your family?

A. Not really but my father’s cousin’s were meant to be fairly good and would of played with Tullow and Carlow. Bernard was very good when he played with us aswell but went on to bigger and better things with the rugby

Q. Would you still be in touch with Bernard and would you think he might be able to handle you if he was still playing?

A. Talk to him the odd time here and there and no probably not

Q. You have 5-22 scored in the league this year. How many more years can you see yourself playing for?

A.  This is it! I’m not able for the training, was never a great one for the training anyway

Q. The final year? What’s the plan then?

A. No plans really but will stay involved with the club in some way

Q. Would you be open to training teams? If you were, would you have a few teams in mind that you feel would be a good fit?

A. No don’t think I’d have much interest training teams maybe just be a selector with the club

Q. The rumours are that you might be back at the Hurling with Aughrim?

A. No didn’t even know they had a team but definitely not. The body is not able for one sport never mind two.

Q. Playing any sport for 34 years is phenomenal would you have suffered many injuries in that time?

A. Nothing serious luckily enough. Few ankle ligaments a good few time’s and torn quads which take forever to get right

Q. You would have played in times when the GAA was a tougher sport. Did you ever get caught up in any skirmishes?

A. Oh jasus too many to mention and that is the truth

Q. What one stands out?

A. Few with Newtown back when we were both intermediate. Good rivalry cos we were both trying to win intermediate at the time.

Q. Who delivered the best blow you’ve ever received on a GAA field?

A. A lad from the Gers in a Carter Cup Final in Shillelagh in 95. Box in the jaw, I was only 14 at the time but we won


Q. Did you ever dish out a bit of that medicine in those days and who would have tasted their fair share of doses?

A. No never hit anyone was only interested in the ball

Q. Outside of football where would you find Don Jackman and what would he most likely be doing?

A. If not playing football probably watching it or getting an odd pint in the crab of a Saturday night

Q. Is their a footballer past or present that you would admire or say was similar in style to yourself?

A. Maurice Fitz 😉🤣

Q. Would you have slotted that sideline?

A. Definitely of gave it a go anyway

Q. How do you see Coolkenno’s chances in this years Intermediate Championship?

A. Same as all the other teams very hard championship won the Intermediate but they’re all hard won

Q. In a very competitive championship outside of Coolkenno who do you see as the team to beat in it?

A. Probably Dunlavin

Q. Can you pick your dream 15 from Wicklow GAA players you’ve played with and against?

Don Jackman
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