Wicklow Football Managerial Records


After this year’s promotion from Division 4 of the National Football League in the first year of the Davy Burke era we wondered as to how his tenure so far stacks up against former Wicklow Senior Football Managers. So here is the findings from the last 5 men to take charge of the Wicklow Senior Football Team.

The games that have been counted are National League & Championship Games with the Tommy Murphy Cup in place for two years of the Micko reign instead of the qualifiers so we have included the win percentages inclusive and exclusive of those games. 
Davy Burke and Harry Murphy are the only two of the managers listed to gain promotion to Division 3 while Micko has the most Championship victories (12) while at the helm. 

The breakdown of the wins are as follows:

Davy Burke (2020 – Present):

9 Games In Charge

1 Championship Win

5 League Wins (Division 4)

John Evans (2018 – 2019):

18 Games In Charge

1 Championship Win

3 League Wins (Division 4)

Johnny Magee (2015 – 2017):

27 Games In Charge

0 Championship Wins

5 League Wins (Division 4)

Harry Murphy (2012 – 2014):

32 Games In Charge

3 Championship Wins

12 League Wins (Division 4)

Mick O Dwyer (2007 – 2011):

60 Games in Charge

7 Championship Wins (Excluding Tommy Murphy Cups)

5 Tommy Murphy Cup Wins

19 League Wins (Division 4)

In an impressive first year Davy Burke has the highest win percentage of any of the last 5 men in charge with a 66.67% win percentage followed by Mick O Dwyer on 51.67%, Harry Murphy 46.875%, John Evans 22.22% and Johnny Magee 18.52%. The step up to Division 3 will bring a much sterner challenge in 2021 but with the lessons learned from the Meath game and a bit of luck a lot more victories can be looked forward to in the near future.

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