Wicklow Abroad – Róisín Toomey Donard/Glen

Name: Roisin Toomey

Town/Village: The grand little town of Donard

Club: Donard/Glen

Now Living: Sydney, Australia

How long have you been living there?

10 years this August

Reason For Leaving Ireland:

I wanted to walk the beach to get everywhere – like in Home & Away….. Home & Away lied!! Sydney traffic is torture!

Thing you miss the most:

Walking the hills! Although I wouldn’t recommend walking them hungover with no water, eating snow the whole way up 🙊

Person you miss the Most:

Paddy & Maura Toomey

Best thing about your new home:

The good weather and Craobh Phadraig Gaa club: it’s a home away from home when you’re playing GAA here

Worst thing about your new home:

Having to pronounce the name Roisin 5 times when you meet someone 🙄 no it’s not Roslin, Raisin or Royzin !! Call me Mary.

Funny story from your time overseas:

Where would I start! Ive met characters from all over Ireland here. A standout memory I suppose would be getting thrown in the back of a Paddy Wagon one night coz I wouldn’t leave the Cock & Bull, sang the cops “The Ferryman” song in the back of it. The $1100 fine wasn’t that funny… they don’t know a good irish song when they hear one!

Funny story from before you left home:

Every sunday session with Dea Dwyer and co. to Tinehely & Ballinglen – 10 of us piled into each car, booting around the back roads with AC/DC blaring. I still have no idea how to get to Ballinglen🤔

Person you are glad to be far away from:

Larry Murphy

Is your club better/worse off without you:

Worse! They haven’t lit a good bonfire since I left- I bring the Riot 🎶… and the pallets, petrol, tyres & trees 😬😬 don’t mention Toomey’s Bar outdoor benches!

What 3 people would you fly to you if you could and why:

Lindsey Quinlan, Nora & Mary O’Niell coz we’re short a few hardy camogie players in Sydney for the league.

What person in Irelands love would bring you home:

Paddy Toomey

What person in Ireland’s love would make you want to stay away:

Shorty Toomey coz I know he’d be lying – there’d be a dodgy ulterior motive there somewhere.

A Wicklow themed photo from abroad:

(Paddy’s Day last year outside the Mercantile Bar)

Photo from before I left:

(A few days after a Junior B ladies match – typical wicklow shiner not well make-up’d over🙈🤕)