Wicklow Abroad – Rob Walsh Blessington

Name: Rob Walsh

Town/Village: Blessington

Club: Blessington GAA

Now Living: Toronto, Canada

How long have you been living there?

2 years

Reason For Leaving Ireland:

I heard Canada offers cutting edge treatment for baldness – way better than Turkey. Would you agree Kevin John Rogers?!

Thing you miss the most:

Superquinn Sausages – seeing Gavin Murray’s legs when he’s togged out in the Wickla People is a constant reminder

People you miss the Most:

I’d have to give the family that honour!

Best thing about your new home:

It’s very safe.. The Policemen have guns not like Mick O’Rourke💪

Worst thing about your new home:

40 degrees in the winter.. i’m small enough as it is…

Funny story from your time overseas:

Sean “Budgie” Murphy arriving over thinking he would find love.. He should have went to Lourdes if he was expecting miracles..

Funny story from before you left home:

Brian Carroll drinking gin for the first time.. I’ll say no more

People you are glad to be far away from:

Bad influences like Wes and Wayne Callaghan aka Phil and Grant Mitchell – Eastenders does Blessington!

Is your club better/worse off without you: Definitely worse!

Sure they haven’t won a Championship since I left #jinglejingle

What 3 people would you fly to you if you could and why:

1. John Magee – The house could do with a free lick of paint.. In and out job though, he’s small doses

2. Barry Murphy – he’s looking a little on the heavy side at the minute and could do with a couple of PT sessions off me

3. Steven “Skank” Doran – could teach the Canadians a thing or two on male grooming and style.. Don’t ask him to pay for the ticket over though…

What person in Ireland’s love would bring you home:

Conor Finans love of a Macaris chipper.. Now that’s true love

What person in Ireland’s love would make you want to stay away:

It’s a toss up between Jono Daniels’ love of the GAA and Paddy Brophy’s love of concrete blocks.. Two sleeping tablets..

A Wicklow themed photo from abroad:

(Lugnaquilla, Canada)

A Photo before you left home:

A Photo of you now:

(I do a bit of dj’ing)