Wicklow Abroad – Liam Byrne Ballinacor

Name: Liam Byrne

Town/Village: Glenmalure

Club: Ballinacor

Now Living: Perth Australia

How long have you been living there? 7 years

Reason For Leaving Ireland:

Got totally fed up of the snow in late 2010 and decided a bit of heat was in order.

Thing you miss the most:

Definitely miss a decent pint of Heineken 🍺🍺

Person you miss the Most:

Would have to be the parents .

Best thing about your new home:

Has to be the weather ☀️☀️

Worst thing about your new home:

Between snakes,spiders and sharks everything just wants to kill ya ..

Funny story from your time overseas:

🤔 has to be the time Jamie Nolan crashed into the back of a coffee van.. coffee milk and loose change all over the Tonkin Highway 😂😂😂.

Funny story from before you left home:

The house party in my house after we won the junior A in 2010. But it’s better I don’t elaborate on the details 😉.

Person you are glad to be far away from:

Ger Byrne. That lad nearly had me an alcoholic 😂😂

Is your club better/worse off without you:

Well they’ve been in 3 finals since I’ve left but won none so defo worse off..

What 3 people would you fly to you if you could and why:

Ger Byrne, Brian Hanlon, Conor Parsons. With the 3 of them gone john Devitt would surly get a game in the forwards 😂😂

What person in Irelands love would bring you home:

Sure it would have to be the mother 😉.

What person in Ireland’s love would make you want to stay away:

Josie Simpson. Drinking until the sun comes up takes its toll 😂

A Wicklow themed photo from abroad:

(Ballinacor night in Perth)

Photo before you left:

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