Wicklow Abroad – Emily Brophy Valleymount

Name: Emily Brophy

Town/Village: Valleymount

Club: Valleymount

Now Living: Christchurch, New Zealand

How long have you been living there?

Nearly 7 years

Reason For Leaving Ireland:

Bit of traveling and sunshine.

Thing you miss the most:

Hot chicken rolls and of course the family

The Person you miss the most:

Would have to be the nieces and nephews

Best thing about your new home:

The friends I have made, seeing the GAA club we set up over here (Waimak Gaels) still going and growing and of course the weather. #hondgaels

Worst thing about your new home:

The 30 + flying hours it takes to get home.

Funny story from your time overseas:

First tournament Waimak Gaels played in with was a 2 day 7’s in Wellington, Saturday didn’t go too well for us (didn’t score at all) but we still had a game on the Sunday morning at 9am. Decided to go out for dinner and a few drinking that ended at 5am. Was a very difficult game of football and all we wanted to do was get on the score board…first play of the game and I got a free within shooting distance, an easy kick for a forward (not me). But it did go over and the crowd went wild, our 3 men’s teams were on the line and they started singing and dancing and one of them was cartwheeling up and line. The ref looked at me very confused, all I could do was laugh and say first ever score for the team.

Funny story from before you left home:

NYE 2010 (I think) out in Dunlavin and it started snowing, decided we needed to go out in the snow. I was sitting/leaning on the bonnet of the car and all of a sudden slipped of and landed on my ass on the ground, was sore but wasn’t till the next day I realised how sore. Was in bits and couldn’t sit down properly for days, everyone else found it very funny.

Person you are glad to be far away from:

Definitely Larry

Is your club better/worse off without you:

I don’t think they would be worse off anyways, so must be better 😊

What 3 people would you fly to you if you could and why:

Nana Gawgaw and sparky.

What person in Irelands love would bring you home:

All of them I’m sure but if I had to pick one it would be the Mammy

What person in Ireland’s love would make you want to stay away:

Julie Winder (after nominating me for this 😜😚)

A Wicklow themed photo from abroad:

A Photo from before you left:

A photo from where you are now: