Wicklow Abroad – Anto O Neill Enniskerry

Name: Anthony James Francis O’Neill

Town/Village: Co.Bray

Club: Enniskerry

Now Living: Vancouver

How long have you been living there?

1year 7months

Reason For Leaving Ireland:

Travel and to explore

Thing you miss the most: Family and Gaelic banter

Person you miss the Most:

Me mammy

Best thing about your new home:

The mountains and views

Worst thing about your new home:

Cheese is very expensive

Funny story from your time overseas:

Everything’s funny but the Canadians don’t get it 😂

Funny story from before you left home:

Doing a charity cycle for the club and myself and Seamus O’Gorman fell off the bikes 4 times before we got down the 21 bends

Person you are glad to be far away from:

Daire Lohan (smelly man)😂

Is your club better/worse off without you:

There could be a fair argument made for either

What 3 people would you fly to you if you could and why:

Me mammy, me nephew and me dogs because I miss them lots

What person in Ireland’s Love would bring you home?

Suppose if the mammy really wanted me home I’d come home

What person in Ireland’s Love would make you want to stay away?

And @daraconnollys love would keep me away, him and his long crack

A Wicklow themed photo from abroad:

(Half of Wicklow winning the VMSL right there @Arod Murphy @ronancunninngham @paulcunningham@dairelohan @eoinkeddy and sure @Ciaransheehy wants to be from Wicklow)

A photo of you before you left Ireland:

A photo of you in your new home: