After the ugly scenes during the Waterford Tipperary game on Sunday and with Dan Shanahan’s hat coming dangerously close to turning the right way round in sheer disgust at the decision to award Tipperary a goal, the Union spokesman for the I.N.O.C. the largest ethnic group of the GAA Umpires, has said that he has been mandated with expressing the sheer unhappiness of the rank and file members of his union with what they view as the never before seen lack of support from the GAA. The following statement from the I.N.O.C is a real eye opener…..

On behalf of the I.N.O.C we feel that the GAA has left us staring blankly into the abyss with what occurred over the weekend. The lack of support for our members has left us disenchanted with the GAA and we can’t see any hope of a resolution. With a 348 clinically blind strong membership we feel that we have contributed greatly to making the GAA a better place and we can’t for-see Hawkeye being able to replicate the unseen work we do and have done in the past and all that endeavour has been tarnished by the lack of respect we receive from the GAA public. We as a group cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel and we take dim view of the talks of the introduction of Hawkeye at other GAA grounds. With our heightened hearing skills, we hear all the hurtful things that have been thrown in our direction but we the I.N.O.C refuse to wave the white flag as we will blindly stare down anybody who opposes our decisions as we have done for many years. Our Goals have always been clear to see and where would the GAA be now without us keeping an eye on things all these years. If the GAA continues with their policy of Hawkeye then we will have no choice but to take a closer look at our options and see can we see what option we see best suits the views of our members!

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