Vandalism At Eire Og Greystones GAA Club May Force The Club To Limit Access

Eire Og Greystones Club Chairman Larry Howard was sadly forced to issue a statement after senseless vandalism at the clubs ground last weekend saw the clubs boundary wall defaced by graffiti, some of which was racist in nature.

Eire Og easily boast one of the county’s most vibrant juvenile sections with the clubs ground always an impressive hive of activity across all codes and it’s always a warm and welcoming environment for everyone, so to see the club be victim to such an act is extremely disappointing. 

Unfortunately this is not the first instance of vandalism to club grounds and property and it’s sadly at the stage where the club now needs to explore options to limit access to just club members which is obviously not a position any club official would wish to be forced into contemplating. 

Here is the statement from Eire Og’s Chairman posted on the clubs Facebook page:

Hopefully action can be taken to avoid the club being forced to have to lock down the club grounds as it serves as a huge asset to the Greystones community and many many volunteers are putting in so much time and effort to have the grounds in the outstanding condition we all know so make it your business to call out any mistreatment of the club grounds and hopefully there will be no more instances like this or previous vandalism.