Throwing Bread to the People Of Valleymount Voted The Favourite Pastime Of 2017 By the People Of Blessington

No surprises at the Blessington Community Spirit Awards last night as for the tenth consecutive year – Throwing Bread to The People Of Valleymount romped to victory in the Best Charitable Activity Category. Accepting the award, Breda Walsh from the Blessington Bread Basketeers highlighted the plight of the poor sods in Valleymount and encouraged more Blessington people to come out and throw Bread to them by the lake shore. She also was quick to dismiss the rumour that the Valleymount people could become quite vicious during feeding time and also dismissed the notion that they were carriers of the dreaded Hairy Beard Plague.

Not at all they’re very docile creatures and the water in the lake keeps them relatively odourless and keeps them for the most part disease free.

If you are interested in joining the Blessington Bread Basketeers they meet at 7pm Monday to Friday and every second Saturday by the Lake shore. Bread will be provided to all new members and the necessary inoculations will also be administered just on the off chance you might get bitten.