The Winner Of The Bill Hill Golden Ticket Is………

After a phenomenal response to our Competition for the Bill Hill Golden Ticket for the WinAKoolHouse draw we managed to narrow the field down to these lucky 10.

We would like to say a big well done to Carla, Caroline, Annie, Vicki, Padraig, Maisy, Taylor, Fiona, Jason and Stacey and their supporters on their fantastic efforts. There unfortunately wasn’t enough in the kitty for 10 tickets but after a week of liking from friends and family, the two ladies below managed to amass in excess of 1,300 likes each on their respective photos and were locked in an epic battle all week👏

Every Competition needs a winner and in an absolute belter of a neck and neck race it came down to just a handful of likes but Stacey Healy Quinn managed to be just in front at 7pm and it is Stacey who is the Golden Ticket Champion👏

With such an amazing campaign it was always going to be extremely heartbreaking for one of these ladies to put in such effort and come up just short and unfortunately for Taylor Ward her campaign was only a few likes behind that of Stacey Healy Quinn at the 7pm cut off time this evening after the lead changed hands on multiple occasions over the course of the week🙉

Being the old softie Bill Hill is there was no way that he could let either lady go away empty handed after putting in such a stellar effort so the piggy bank was broken open to extract Bills life savings and a second Golden ticket was acquired that will be going to Taylor Ward because if nothing else it’s nice to be nice👍

The one condition that also applies to Stacey is that if either Lady is the lucky winner of the €400,000 house then Bill Hill will be House Party Co-Ordinator for the big house warming party and every single person who liked their photo is on the guest list. It might be a good idea to get the house insured first Ladies😉

If you would like to win a €400,000 house then visit the WinAKoolHouse website and you can get a ticket for just €105 which could change you and your families life forever👌

If you would like to help replenish Bill Hills Empty Piggy Bank you can become a Bill Hill Patron and support our website and shenanigans for less than €1 a month and help us with our costs then we would love ya long time😉 Click here to sponsor a section of Bills Beard😉😂

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