The Wicklow LGFA Way – A Fundraiser For Our Ladies County Football Teams

Ladies Football has gripped county Wicklow in recent years and the popularity and standard of the game in the county has skyrocketed with our Ladies Senior Team contesting last years All Ireland final and Tinahely due to contest the Leinster Club Championship Final before lockdown struck. 

The popularity of the ladies game is clearly evident with so many new clubs being formed and many young players togging out for the various clubs across the county. The ambition of these young players will be to enjoy lots of success with their clubs and maybe one day be lucky enough to put on the blue & gold jersey and line out for a County Wicklow ladies team like so many of the current outstanding county players who have been unbelievable ambassadors for the garden county.

To facilitate the best possible standards our county teams require as many resources as can be possibly made available to them and it’s no secret that the ladies game has been hugely undervalued, under publicised and under funded across the country. The truth is that inter county ladies footballers put in as much effort and time as their male counterparts and deserve to be given the same support both in terms of media coverage but most importantly in financial terms to allow the best chance of continued success. There are currently some excellent sponsors who have brought things to the next level and they deserve a debt of gratitude but with the on field success and the knock on popularity we have more and more county teams lining out across the grades who all require support and that’s where the Wicklow LGFA Way fundraiser comes in to try and help with the costs.

The brainchild of the Wicklow LGFA Way is Wicklow’s very own Mr LGFA, Dominic Leech who has decided that since his 60th birthday dream to win big in Vegas has been dashed by Covid, he instead hopes to help the Wicklow LGFA teams to strike it rich by doing a Virtual Walk across County Wicklow visiting every LGFA club in the county which is a whopping 332km trip! His hope is that many you might join him on his virtual journey by completing a virtual leg along the way for your own club and sharing your virtual journey with him and that anybody who can, could make a small donation to his Go Fund Me with all the funds raised going directly to the running of the Wicklow Ladies Inter County teams. As he travels virtually within his own 5km, he will be virtually visiting each club and posting a bit of info and history of that club on the Wicklow Ladies Football Facebook page as he hits the target distance.
Here is the idea in the words of the man himself along with a little action video as he travels along the Wicklow LGFA Way:

On what was my 60th birthday I wondered what could I do to mark the occasion. I had previously arranged to get to Las Vegas to celebrate with some friends but COVID took care of that. Pubs not even open so one very quiet night beckoned. I had been thinking for a few days that I’d like to do something to help the Wicklow Ladies county teams at all grades from juvenile to adult and came up with a plan to walk / virtually as we cannot currently travel outside of 5km. In fairness the great Bill Hill and myself discussed the name and came up with The Wicklow LGFA Way to compliment the current Wicklow Way. Wicklow Ladies County teams have given so much pleasure to so many, I felt that people would enjoy the virtual walk with its history of the visited clubs and in the process make a small donation to the  which would help fund the teams at a time when our county teams hope to get up and running shortly. It’s a small gesture but I really wanted to mark the occasion with something a bit different.




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