The Best Sausage in Blessington

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So recently Bill Hill was doing a bit of Tindering and a rather lovely Blessington Lady got lucky and matched with Bill! Normally Bill wouldn’t be one for the Kiss & Tell but on this occasion I’ll fill you in on the finer details.

After a lovely evening spent drinking Prosecco by the lakeside while throwing bread to Valleymount people one thing led to another.

Without getting too into the nitty gritty let’s just say Swimmers Swam and not just in the lake😉 And for any Safety Inspectors reading this don’t worry Bill asked “Will I Wrap” before any horizontal jogging took place.

Anyway after the deed was done and pleasentries exchanged the very satisfied Lady made the revelation that Bills Sausage was only the second best she’d ever had.🙉 Outraged I demanded to know whos Sausage had outdone me so all I can say is whoever you are Dempsey you have my respect😂😂

Best Sausage in Blessington💪

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