Terrific Gesture As Compass Catering Group Deliver Meal To Cocooning Martin Family

The arrival of Covid-19 has brought one of the most difficult challenges mankind has ever known and has brought devastation to almost every corner of the world with dramatic effect on the way we live our daily lives. Up and down this country many people over 70 are currently cocooning along with many who have underlying health conditions and many of these people may be feeling very isolated and worried.

If this pandemic has any slight positive however, its the brilliance of community. Up and down this land people are showing amazing community spirit with volunteers bringing essentials to those who need it and despite the worries of an uncertain post Covid19 economy, people have been raising and donating huge amounts of money for many causes like the #DoItForDan and Roar For Ruairi and our very good friend Ciaron Noble raising over €25,000 for Frontline workers. Ciaron who has Cerebral Palsy walked a whopping 5K without any crutches in an outstanding example of human endeavour for a great cause.

We are blessed in County Wicklow to have so many great people doing incredible work and this post is to recognise one such person along with the amazing team of people, who in our eyes, deserve huge praise for an amazing gesture they made at the weekend.


Earlier last week we had a message from Avoca man Eoin Murtagh who had been extremely taken with the video posted by Les Martin on the importance of following the advice of Health Officials on Cocooning and Social Distancing and how we should really put into perspective how lucky so many of us are to have good health and the things that really matter in life.
Eoin an extremely talented chef, musician and Junior B legend has been doing some volunteer work for Laura Lynn foundation and the Avoca covid 19 group, had watched the video Les had posted on the Cogs & Kiwi Page and was so taken, he decided he would love to bring some food etc to the Martin family who’s two sons Ciarán (5) and Cathal (4) are terminally ill with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD).

Eoin asked us if we could get him in touch with the family which we were delighted to do and a big thanks to James Stafford for making this happen. Now we here in the Bill Hill crew know very well that Eoin is a man who does not look for praise and was only too quick to say that this was a team effort carried out by many wonderful people which is very true but we would like to single out Eoin for just a second if we can be so bold. Over the few years Bill Hill has been on the go we have seen first hand how Eoin has been involved in so many charitable endeavours and all things good across County Wicklow and we know first hand he has contributed both financially and physically to many good causes and for what it’s worth we salute you Eoin you’re an absolute gent.


Contact was made between Eoin and the Martin family and we received a message to say that the amazing team at Compass Catering, Chefs Glen, Jonny, Michael & Eoin, Managers Clare and Kathleen and Loftus the delivery driver and all at Compass Catering Ireland had cooked and delivered a delicious meal to the Martin family.

We spoke with Les about doing this post and he was very happy to be a part of it 

I met Eoin today and he’s a real good guy… by all means give them a shout out and thanks on behalf of us and all the families caring for patients at home of any kind. It’s tough.

Les and the family were so grateful they sent a message of thanks to the Compass Team:

The Martin family cocooning in Wicklow. 2 boys Cathal and Ciaran aged 4 & 5 have terminal condition MLD.
Our routine and nursing care have gone out the window with this virus and we are so appreciative of any support we can actually avail off. We were so delighted with our delivery from compass catering and glad to see such huge effort from
others to support those caring for kids like ours during this difficult time. The kids were delighted with a break from our cooking too!!


When all this Covid-19 Pandemic is said and done, we will hopefully emerge with the perspective of what is truly important in life and we all appreciate how lucky we are to have health, happiness and family and anything else is only trivial. It is extremely heartening to see people like the Compass Catering team and many like them doing amazing voluntary work and looking after everyone at this time of greatest need. Ireland and the world might be Social Distancing as a consequence of Covid-19 but the Community Spirit has brought us closer together than ever before.
Well done to all the Compass Catering Team and all our best to the Martin family. Stay In, Stay Safe and Appreciate the important things in your life.