Sad Passing of Kiltegan Hurling Legend Peter “Coney” Byrne

The Hurling fraternity around County Wicklow are reeling at the sad news that Kiltegan stalwart Peter “Coney” Byrne has sadly passed away today after a freak farming accident. Peter “Coney” as he was known to his friends and teammates in Kitegan GAA club was a man who played a part […]



1. Name: Seanie Germaine 2. Club: Kiltegan 3. Position: Full Forward 4. Occupation/Studying: Marketing in DCU 5. Favourite GAA Player: Tony Kelly 6. Favourite Wicklow GAA Player: Enda Donohue 7. Favourite Club Player: Cathal Fitzgerald sure he’d walk onto the team. 8. GAA Ambition: Win a county title at some […]



1 Name: Padraig Byrne 2 Club: Ballymanus/Kiltegan 3 Position: Full Forward/Midfield 4. Occupation/Studying: Apprentice fitter 5. Favourite GAA Player: TJ Reid 6. Favourite Wicklow GAA Player: Sure it would have to be Mark “white lightning” Kenny 7. Favourite Club Player: Kevin “king kevin “ Byrne 8. GAA Ambition: To win […]



1. Name: Aaron Byrne 2. Club: Kiltegan 3. Position: Half Forward 4. Occupation/Studying: Just done a plc but shhhhh 5. Favourite GAA Player: Lee Chin what a man!!!! 6. Favourite Wicklow GAA Player: Seanie Germaine Mr. County down here 7. Favourite Club Player: Jonathan Tallon never know what could happen […]


Ironic Tales – Knockananna Man Lost in Barndarrig (The Video)

As many of you lucky survivors may know, Knockananna is a one of the most treacherous places on the planet for even the most skilled navigators. Many tales have been told of many ill fated trips to the Bermuda Triangle of South West Wicklow where many good men and women have been […]


Wicklow Abroad – Mickey Moo Kiltegan

Name: Michael Kelly Town/Village: The mighty little crossroads of Kiltegan Club: Kiltegan Now Living: Sydney How long have you been living there? 8 years this year Reason For Leaving Ireland: Only went for a year for the Craic. The Craic was that good I had stay Thing you miss the […]


Bills Family Feelings – The Kelly’s Kiltegan

MICKEY MOOS ANSWERS: 1. Who would you swipe right for on Tinder on your brothers behalf and why? Alan Byrnes’s sisters. Just to piss off Byrne 2. Who was your brothers first Big crush? Margaret Roche ( Knockananna ) 3. The most embarrassing thing to happen to you in your […]


Bills 10 Questions – Luke Byrne Kiltegan Hurling Team

1. Which teammates sibling would you swipe right on Tinder for and why? Seanie Germain’s sister is a fair bitta gear to be fair 😂 2. What teammate do you think believes they have the best chance of a Male modelling career? Hard to say there all such lovely lads […]


Bills 10 Questions – Steven Coogan Kiltegan Football Team

1. Which teammates sibling would you swipe right on Tinder for and why? I have a women and I hope I don’t get in trouble for this but a fair few of the lads off the hurling team have taken interest in Mark Murphy’s sister. Honourable mention to Ronan Byrne […]