Supreme Altitude & Fitness Centre Bray – Helping Wicklow Seniors Hurlers To National League Final


Established in 2016 Supreme Altitude and Fitness Centre is a Bray based facility, specialising in Altitude training and target related goals.

Supremes unique offering is Hypoxic training; a technique aimed at improving performance by way of adaption to reduced oxygen.

Participants wear a Polar heart monitor, so they can track their heart and work rate during the class. This training takes place predominantly on spinning bikes in a heated Altitude chamber, where oxygen levels are lowered to 15%, and the temperature soars to 40 degrees plus, giving the ultimate workout and offering the following benefits. Here comes the science bit!

  • Increased VO2 max (maximum oxygen intake); improved sprint ability performance in athletes
  • Improved muscle hypertrophy, strength, power and anabolic response.
  • Help in maintaining fitness and optimal body weight for those struggling with an injury by doing unloaded cross training during rehab.
  • Enhanced acclimatisation to high altitude for a training camp, competition or challenge.

Sound scary? It’s not. We promise! Our Altitude classes are a safe, monitored environment that have proved popular across every age range and fitness level. Participants have reported improved aerobic fitness, weight loss, along with several members noticing an improvement in asthma symptoms and reduction in inhaler use.

As well as our members, Supreme Altitude and Fitness Centre has worked with and enjoyed numerous successes connected to its conditioning programmes including: Bray Wanderers 2019 Squad, Wicklow County Hurling 2019 Squad, DLR Waves LOI 2019 Squad, Title winning Professional Boxers Jay Byrne and Declan Geraghty, World and Irish Dancing Champions 2018; as well as many sports clubs in both Wicklow and Dublin.

But it’s NOT only about Hypoxictraining! At Supreme Altitude and Fitness Centre,we understand that not everyone has the same fitness related goal. We endeavour to help everyone achieve their individual targets with several alternative training options.

  • Group Strength and Conditioning Training.
  • Our popular Six Week Transform Challenge
  • Personal Training
  • Specialised HIIT Training Room
  • Body Mass Analysis
  • Women’s Workout, TRX, Kettlebells, Caveman, Strip and Rib, Ab Attack; to name a few.

With over thirty-five classes weekly, taking place morning and evening Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday mornings, whatever your fitness goals may be, Supreme Altitude and Fitness Centre can help you meet them. Regardless of your fitness level, your age, your budget, whether you train daily or weekly, we have something to suit you.

Watch The Wicklow Hurlers being put through their paces: