Stephen Hickey – Wicklow’s Ultimate Junior B Footballer

1. Will there ever be another footballing genius that’s comes even remotely close to the brilliance of Stephen Hickey in our lifetime?

My offspring should have the genetics but I don’t think there will ever be another footballer as good as me.

2. Who is your idol and why?

Michael “the hooch” Byrne cause he is crazy.

3. Is it true that you been approached by Wicklow GAA officials to secure the counties future by putting a few little Choco’s swimmers on ice?

Like yourself Bill there is a lot of my swimmers going around so hopefully the county is in good nick. But if my county needs me I will certainly answer the call.

4. Your favourite moment being brilliant on the fields of Wicklow with Tinahely?

Has to be back in August 2001 when with a mere 12 minutes to go in the junior b championship I came off the bench to beat rathnew scoring 1-1 with my left boot and I’m naturally right footed while marking wicklow’s second best full back Damien Power after the hooch.

5. Who was the greatest player to ever try mark you?

Thats a hard one Bill cause no one ever really got close to me but in my underage days the Avondale always gave us a good battle.

6. How does The Ultimate Wicklow Junior B Footballer award rank in the long list of Choctastic achievements?

Well Bill I was in Glendalough quite a lot as a juvenile getting different awards player of the month, all stars but I can honestly say the ultimate junior b is right at the top.

7. Which Tinahely Footballers would you take under your wing that might be struggling and what advice would you give them?

Tony Darcy if he had of concentrated more on his football instead of hitting me outside bedrock nightclub and Malloccas he would of been one of the best footballers in Leinster.

8. How do you plan on celebrating your award?

Few drinks Bill then maybe a chipper.

9. Where would Tinahely football be now if it wasn’t blessed with Stephen Hickey?

Non existent. (Or maybe senior🤣)

10. Do you feel that your genius is truly appreciated and is there anything the people of Tinahely could do to thank you for your service?

Well after the lads giving me the award I feel very appreciated but maybe a statue on the square.

11. Did you ever knock Rathnew out of a Championship?

Now that you mention it I don’t really like to talk about it.

12. Do you think after Damien Power got the privilege of marking you in 2001, your respective careers took different trajectories and he was the better player for it?

I definitely feel I made him better in fact Damien told me I did.

13. Do you think politics and Taco Fries should be banned from the GAA?

Politics yes.

14. Who’s the stronger man when it comes to yourself and Brother Brian?

Well I’m stronger anyway and our mother told me she loves me more.

15. Who’s the better footballer when it comes to yourself and Brother Brian?

I had more lamb dinners in Glendalough than Brian so there’s your answer.




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Posted by Bill Hill Page on Thursday, 21 June 2018

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