Silent Auction of Tadhg Furlong’s Signed Test Jersey from Ireland’s Grand Slam Winning Year in Aid of Robert Nolan

Silent Auction:

We are most likely all guilty of taking our health for granted as perhaps Robert Nolan did as a young healthy man with an incredible gift for art and illustration before his life changed with a simple tick bite. With your help and support we can try to help this talented young man regain his health and help pay the costs of his care and recovery. To help to do this we have an Irish Rugby Test Jersey Signed by Irish Rugby Star Tadhg Furlong to auction off with the money going directly to Roberts Recovery Fund.

How To Bid:

Just submit your bid to us via our Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram Page and we will update the latest bidding on a daily basis up until next Monday 3rd September at 8pm when the Auction will close. We ask you to spread this post far and wide and bid what you can for a most worthy cause. You can also donate to Roberts Go Fund Me Page below. Many thanks for your support and with your help we can help make a change for Robert.


€200 Reserve – Bryan Heffernan (Black Toms Tavern)

€220 Bid – Private Bidder

€230 Bid – Darragh Byrne

We have attached a piece below from Robert himself from his Go Fund Me Page and we would ask you all to give anything you can spare to help this young man recover and get back to full health in the near future.

My illness:

Lyme Disease

About me:

My name is Robert Nolan, I’m 28 years old and I’m from South County Wicklow. I’ve been unable to work for four years now so I don’t have a job or career. I still live at home with both my parents and my brothers (who have been incredibly supportive through all this). I don’t have a social life, I’ve basically been house bound for the past two years of my life apart from hospital and doctor trips. My health story: It all started with a tick bite a few years prior to everything going downhill I’m not exactly sure of the timeline of the tick bite but it was at least 2-3 years before any symptoms started.

The first symptom/sign:

In May 2014, I remember having a violent virus/bug so I had went to bed early. Not long after I woke up and felt like I was going to get sick so I ran for the toilet. I don’t remember much after that as I blacked out and my mother found me laying on the floor unresponsive. It took me some time to recover and come too but with the help of my parents they got me going again. After a call to the care doc they said just drink plenty of fluids and rest until it passes. A few days later when I had come too a bit I got a ringing in my right ear and the peripheral sight in my right eye turned pink. Long story short after examination by amazed and confused eye specialists they found that I had had a mini-stroke. A blood clot had formed behind my right eye and stopped the blood supply to the part of my eye making me lose peripheral vision in that side which to this day hasn’t returned. As bad as it sounds I’m grateful not to have lost more sight or even have had a full blown stroke. I was then referred to heart specialists and others to find why I had had a TIA(Mini-stroke) to which none could find an answer. All tests showed up clear or normal so I returned to normal life. The second sign/symptom: It took a further two years for Lyme to hit me with everything it had. I had just left my job and was enjoying a two week holiday before starting another when I got a severe pain in my chest and arm with my history of a mini-stroke I was rushed by ambulance to hospital where everything appeared normal again. This happened over and over again for months I’ve been rushed by ambulance to hospital 7 times now with suspected heart attack/stroke symptoms.

Present Day:

I finally got a diagnosis of Lyme disease in October 2016 and began treatment which left me bedridden for over 6 months, it wasn’t much help. Skip to now two years on and I live everyday in pain, I’m now unable to eat much if anything, I don’t sleep, I don’t have any energy and I’m basically just existing. My weight is scarely low right now as you can see in the pic and that’s why I’ve had to reluctantly start this page. I’m very private and usually don’t tell anyone or talk about having this disease but now I’m forced to. If I can’t eat for much longer then the obvious and inevitable will happen.

I need to raise money for specialist treatment, for further scans and tests to ensure my organs aren’t damaged and are working correctly. I need to raise money for intravenous vitamin and mineral infusions to rebuild my body, for supplements and herbal remedies to support my recovery. I’m not a doomy gloomy person that sits around feeling sorry for myself and I hope this page doesn’t give off that impression. I don’t see the last two years as lost, I’ve learned a lot in that time about myself and being grateful for what I have even if that’s just being able to stand on two feet. Before all this began things were looking up as I had started YouTube and Facebook pages and began cartoon animations which is something I’ve always loved to do.

How We Met Robert:

While hatching a plan for one of our latest bits of divilment, we issued a request to find somebody with the skills to draw a little cartoon hurler for a piece we wished to do on the decline of Junior Hurling in County Wicklow. It was through this post we were directed to Robert Nolan, a friend of Bill’s on Facebook and when we clicked on his profile page we were greeted with some absolutely fantastic illustrations and instantly knew this was the guy we were looking for as his incredible talent was right there to be seen and he was just the type of person who could maybe help us out. It was when we scrolled down his page that we became aware of Richard’s plight and how much he has went through over the last few years and the idea of the cartoon hurler became completely insignificant as we read about what had happened to him and we are now fully focused on helping to fund his recovery.

Roberts Art:

My YouTube page “Craic House Animations” and Conor McGregor cartoons were seen by thousands and featured by numerous websites and fan pages. I had a lot of opportunities offered of which I’ve had to decline but I hope to get back to it as soon as I can. ‌I now draw and illustrate whenever I can so at least I have that it keeps my mind pre-occupied as well as improves my drawing skill. I can’t offer much in return for your kind and generous donations other than a few cartoon illustrations here and there.

You can follow my stuff on




I’m very blessed to have the family, friends and community that I have around me, especially my parents (Jim and Eilish) who have both selflessly looked after me through all of this. I have nothing but faith that someday I’ll get my life back. As Les Brown said “It’s not over until I win”.

Click on the Link to Donate to Help Robert’s Recovery:

You can also donate directly:

Help Robert’s Recovery IBAN: IE24 BOFI 9003 1613 4502 03 BIC: BOFIIE2D

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I hadn’t planned on writing so much and to everyone who donates I am forever grateful.

Take a look at some of the amazing illustrations Robert has produced: