Should Arklow Seebreeze Festivals Pig Derby Go Ahead? Have Your Say

Lots of people have been signing a petition to stop the 3 Little Piggies having to run up the street in Arklow during the Seabreeze Festival and it’s fair to say you can see why that would be traumatising for the Pigs as nobody would willingly get surrounded by a crowd of mad Arklow people unless you were badly stuck and looking for a shift in Sally O’Briens.

Anyway we would like to hear if you are for or against having the bacon streak down the Main Street or note so throw your Vote below:

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If the event was to be stopped what would be a good replacement? You can drop a comment with your ideas and we have one or two of our own too:


Pick a handful of local sports clubs & charities and offer people the chance to buy a ping pong ball for the charity or club of their choosing for €2. Have local stores selling the ping pong balls and each charity has a designated coloured ping pong ball so you buy the coloured ball of your favored beneficiary, sign your name and number on the ball and place it in a coloured coded in-store drum. €1 euro then goes directly to that charity/club and the other €1 goes to the Ping Pong Drop Prize fund.

The fun then begins as all the ping pong balls are dropped at the top of the street and a catch pipe and funnel area is placed at the bottom with the first ball into the pipe being the winner. Half the Ping Pong Drop Prize fund goes to the winning colours charity and the other half to the person who’s name is on that first ball into the finish line pipe.


This one is simple and a real crowd pleaser! Round up the Wexicans living illegally around Arklow and make them run down the Main Street while we all pelt them with as many of their manky strawberries as we possibly can😅 Who wouldn’t want to see and do that !

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