Roundwood Man Tattoos Wife’s Photo On Chest After Being Caught Cheating

With modern TV shows like Tattoo Fixers showcasing some of the most ill advised tattoos you are ever likely to see, one local Roundwood man has went one better in a drastic drunken move to atone for his infidelity. Roundwood man Tony Thompson has had his wife’s portrait tattooed upon his chest in the hope of rebuilding the trust of his wife  Barbara after being caught cheating on her in a local pub.

Tony’s Tattoo


Tony, a self proclaimed Pintsman desecrated the sanctity of marriage during a heavy night in the local watering hole and fell for the charms of a promiscuous local cougar called Ash Forde who locals said was only an “oul mutton dressed as lamb” and who according to Tony, had been making sheep’s eyes at him all night. The game was up for Tony when he was spotted by Barbara’s Aunt as he emerged with the young lady from the cubicle of the women’s toilets and in a panic he got the flock outta there. Knowing his transgression was going to cost him his relationsheep and with the pangs of guilt hitting him hard he decided in his state of inebriation that the only logical course of action was to head to the local tattoo parlour. Tony had been quite the ladysman in his youth and had been a frequent visitor to said parlour where he went to stroke his own ego by getting his latest conquests picture tattooed on his body, which he later had to get removed when he started seeing Barbara. Sadly for Tony it was this twisted logic combined with his drunken state that fuelled his thought process that this in fact might actually be a good idea. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t!!



Tony’s Conquests Tattoo

We can report that much to Tony’s despair his desperate act to win back the trust of his wife of six years has been unsuccessful as Barbara has reportedly told him that he wont be pulling the wool over her eyes anymore and a crap tattoo changes nothing. Neighbours told our reporter that Barbara has told Tony that she wants to move on to pastures new and has now left the family farm.