Rathnew Entrepreneur Gets Full Backing of Dragons on Dragons Den

Fantastic news for all you budding entrepreneurs in County Wicklow as a local Rathnew Entrepreneur has received the financial backing of all four dragons for her revolutionary new product called the “Thrilldo“™️ on last nights episode of Dragons Den.

What might you ask is a “Thrilldo“™️? Well for those of you weren’t tuned in to last nights episode of Dragons Den, this innovative new product is basically three of the most frequently used devices by Ladies all rolled into one fantastic product. As room in a lady’s handbag can be at a premium, our clever Entrepreneur combined a Bottle Opener, Inhaler and most importantly a good size Dildo all into one easy to carry item.

All four Dragons, blown away by the sheer brilliance and simplicity of the “Thrilldo“™️ all scrambled to secure a percentage of the business but in the end they opted to all take a 10% split four ways for €100,000 which our wonderful Entrepreneur gladly accepted.

The judges also remarked on the brilliance of the presentation and the sales pitch slogan was just the icing on top for the Dragons.

The “Thrilldo“™️, Opens Your Drink, Takes Your Breath Away But Gets It Right Back Again.

The “Thrilldo“™️ will retail for €19.99, comes in 5 colours and also a limited edition Dolphin print style and is available from all major retailers. Get out and get yours now as this is sensationally good value and a must have for any Lady on the go!