Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS) Sufferer Peter Lawlor To Walk 6,000 Steps A Day To Fundraise For Open Door


My name is Peter Lawlor and at 48 years of age, I have been attending Open Door in Bray ( since 1991. I go there every Wednesday and Friday and enjoy the activities. Physiotherapy helps with my physical health and I really enjoy the Ceramics with Mark and the gang. I love making presents for my family and friends. I have made so many friends in the Centre and love to chat with the staff, volunteers, and other members and I really look forward to getting back there.

I am one of the oldest people in Ireland with a condition called Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS). Some of the symptoms of PWS include weak muscles, very slow development, poor feeding as an infant which then develops into constant hunger leading to obesity and it’s many side effects and premature aging. My disability is poor balance due to weak muscles. I suffer from back problems and I had one kneecap removed.

I am cocooning at home since the outset of COVID-19 in Ireland and my parents are encouraging me to walk in order to maintain and improve muscle tone and balance and to prevent muscle wastage. I miss my friends and my outings so I decided to do something new.

My family are amazed at my improvement through my daily walking and I decided that I would like to set up a fundraiser for Open Door to help fund the activities when the Centre re-opens. I am going to do 6,000 steps per day. This is a huge commitment for me and will take a lot of effort. I hope that you will sponsor me or donate to Open Door to let me know that you are behind me all the way.–lawlor-s-page.html