Please Help Support A County Wicklow Family Who Have Lost Their Home In Californian Wildfire



The support of your community is what gets us through the darkest times in life when tragedy strikes and sadly we all experience a time where we need the support of our friends and community.
Sadly for one of our very own, Avoca man Kevin Kinsella and his young family, the Wildfire that has devastated California has had catastrophic consequences to their lives as their home and all their worldly belongings were completely destroyed with the family lucky to escape with their lives, to the point of Kevin becoming separated from his wife and 3 young children as the debris blocked his path to safety and the two family dogs also became separated from their owners in the devastating wildfire.

The devastating aftermath of the Wildfire on the Kinsella family home

We are asking everyone from across the county to chip in with anything they can to help the young Kinsella family to rebuild their home and lives and to put a temporary roof over their three young children’s heads and to eventually help rebuild and restore as much of the life they had before this disaster struck.

Here’s the story from the Go Fund Me page set up to help the Kinsella family and we hope and know that County Wicklow will step up for this family and their young kids at this incredibly tough time:

Our dear friends the Kinsellas have lost everything in the Slater Fire Complex. (Emily Pena/ Kevin Kinsella is originally from Avoca, Co. Wicklow, Ireland). Emily made it out with the twin baby girls and little Kevin, meanwhile big Kev stayed behind with the animals. The roads became blocked and Big Kev and the animals barely escaped, and tragically the dogs jumped from the car and are still unaccounted for. Their beautiful homestead, where they, and their three lovely children,  two dogs and chickens made a home, is gone. Early hours this morning had the family separated, with Emily able to head East and Kevin west to Arcata. This sweet, dear family, full of life and light, art, and muscle needs our help. Monies will go towards temporary housing, clothes, food, care, and necessities for a young boy, his baby sisters, and his mom and dad; and eventually towards a rebuilding of their lives.


Please donate what you can at the GoFund Me page at the link above

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