13 Antonia Heffernan

Antonia Heffernan
Current Team
Avondale Camogie
Intermediate Camogie Championship
2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

Intermediate Camogie Championship

SeasonTeamGoalsPointsTotal Pts
2018Avondale Camogie011

Career Total

SeasonGoalsPointsTotal Pts


1-06 - 0-05
Intermediate Camogie Championship

Intermediate Camogie Final: Avondale v Kiltegan

2-09 - 2-12
Intermediate Camogie Championship

Kiltegan v Avondale

4-09 - 0-05
Intermediate Camogie Championship

Avondale v Carnew

Name: Antonia Heffernan

Position: Corner Forward

Occupation: Student

Honours: Not killing the girls who don’t show up training

Toughest Opponent/Team: Our own Avondale under 16 team, them young ones always try make a show of us.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Back in the day i didn’t know how to keep my mouth shut and not mouth off, a bit like Mairead Dunne now.

Which teammate would you like to be for a day and why: None of them, they’re all a big bunch of wasters.

Who is the Team Pet: Orla Byrne needs a bit of babysitting every so often to keep her in check

Who is the Team Moanhole: Mandy Burke or Tanya Mc, there’s always something wrong with them (i think it’s old age).

Who is the Worst Trainer: Helen Heffernan.. shouts at us like she’s shouting at her youngest kids at home

Who is the Most Dedicated Player: Steph Rattray, mainly because she moved outta her mammies house this year and training nights are an excuse for her to go home and visit again and get away from her fiancé.

Interesting Fact About You: Used to think i was a hiker and climbed Kilimanjaro, i soon discovered that Camogie is more my sport.

Favourite moment playing for Avondale: When Brian became our trainer, i love doing sprints.

A past player that has retired too early and should return: Lizzy Vickers, she’s only a young one and retired to go on nights out drinking instead of nights out training. Such a shame.

Who was your childhood Sporting Hero: My dad xxx

Who is your current Sporting Hero: My mam xxx

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