Meet Knockanannas All Ireland Camogie Final Squad

All Ireland Junior B Camogie Club Championship Final 2020

Wicklow and Leinster Champions Knockananna are representing their county and province in tomorrow’s All Ireland Camogie Club Championship Final as they take on Tyrone and Ulster Champions Naomh Treasa Dungannon in Kinnegad at 1:30. We have thanks to the amazing help of Ciara Byrne put together a little few lines on each squad member ahead of the big final so enjoy and most importantly UP KNOCKANANNA🟢🟡

Loretta Mutton (1)

The mammy of the team and a woman that keeps Knockananna camogie club running like a dream. You couldn’t find a better shot stopper from Knockananna to Tyrone with a puck out that any Mother would be proud of.

Dervla Byrne (2)

A powerhouse at corner back. It is said that if you google the term put your head down a picture of Dervla will appear showcasing her favourite skill, taking no prisoners. Once we can keep Derv in on Saturday night to prevent any further battle wounds to the head prior to the match Tom will be a happy man.

Aine Byrne (3)

The Ballymanus Beour, and newly engaged to the lovely Mike (congrats Aine!) She could talk the Dungannon ladies into giving her the ball, along with this valued skill she’s like a train coming out of the full back line with the ball and will protect Loretta in the goal all day long.

Alice Mulhall (4)

A little trouper on the camogie pitch. No better woman to make up a solid full back line. Alice will take on any woman, man or child that tries to cross this defence.

Erin Byrne (5)

One of the nine Byrne’s on the team. Erin has beauty and brains and if we can get a result on Sunday as impressive as her results in the Leaving Cert this year we’ll be on the pigs back (or the cows back) on Sunday evening.

Emily Hadden (6)

A stalwart at centre back. Once Emily doesn’t break her foot trying to block anyone with it on Sunday she wont be letting any girl past her for love nor money.

Eimer Mutton (7)

She has been taught by the best (her mammy in the goals). Eimer has the speed of a gazelle tearing up and down the wingand will hunt any girl down that tries to get near her mammy in the goal.

Jessie Byrne (8)

One of the speediest, most skilful midfielders in the country both on the camogie and football field. Jess with her extra finger on her left hand could catch any ball. Once Jess and the ref get along on Sunday we will be flying.

Aimee Maher (9)

Nurse both in the hospital and on the camogie field, Aimee won’t let anyone stand in her way. With hard work and determination being two of her many strongpoints, she works relentlessly every day she goes out on the field to get the win.

Shannagh Goetelen (10)

The GOAT of our team. Shannagh lives and breathes camogie. No better example for the younger girls of our cluband no better captain to lead the team to an All Ireland. Shannagh will run for days and wont give up until the job is done.

Roisin Byrne (11)

Ro- the baby of the team and also the main character. Roisin has chalked up a lot of experience this year. She will beat any girl for speed with her webbed feet boosting her acceleration towards the goals.

Laura McGrath née Hogan (12)

A seasoned veteran on the team and married off now too. There may be missus in Hogi’s marital status but there will be no misses when she’s shooting on Sunday. Laura is sure to get a few scores on the scoreboard.

Rachel Byrne (13)

If she can handle a dog, cat, goat, hamster and a few sheep – a girl from Tyrone will be no bother for Rachel to handle. With them extra few inches on her left arm, Rachel can swing the ball over the bar with her left from any position in the forward line.

Sarah Byrne (14)

Our pocket rocket in full forward. A former Easter Bunny, she has since given that job up to focus on her camogie career thankfully. You’ll hear her before you see her because she’ll probably have one of her speakers blaring.

Eimear O’Sullivan (15)

There was never a doubt that Eimear wouldn’t be tough on the pitch, growing up with an auntie like Niamh Kenny. Eimear is a class act in the full forward line and is sure to get a few nifty scores.

Niamh Byrne (16)

One of Tom Byrne’s trio (soon to be 4 on the senior team). Niamh has skills and determination, she will run her socks off to make it to the ball before a Tyrone girl does.

Siobhan Mulhall (17)

One of the young wans and one of the up and coming stars of the team. Siobhan has been flying all year and will make one of the Tyrone women’s job very difficult when she goes to battle with them Sunday.

Tara McDonald (18)

The Farneese fighter. Tara will fight with blood, sweat and tears get the ball and is sure to come out of a rook with ball in hand. There’s no messing when it comes to the camogie with her.

Kellie Byrne (19)

Another one of the team veterans and a wealth of experience for the team. Kellie is passionate about Camogie and she will be helping the team along from the sideline on Sunday.

The County Final Cow:

It’s been a very successful year for not only the Knockananna Camogie Team but the Knockananna men’s Junior Football team captured the Wicklow Junior B Football Championship this year and a certain Red & White Cow became an overnight celebrity! After a lot of counselling for what that Cow went through that night and thanks to a local artist that famous Red & White Cow is now sporting a new Winter Wardrobe in Green & Gold and if the All Ireland Cup arrives back in Knockananna on Sunday god help that Cow😅

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