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With great sadness on Sunday we said farewell to a wonderful young Dunlavin man Louis Caplis, who touched the hearts and minds of many people, not just in Dunlavin but across County Wicklow and beyond where he excelled not only as a footballer, but as a much loved and respected young man. Standing on Dunlavin’s main street on a wet Sunday morning, the many people who lined both sides of the streets from the very bottom of the town right up to the church past Dunlavin Green, bore testament to the popularity of this young man within not just his community, but across County Wicklow and beyond. The lines of Wicklow GAA people from all corners of the county, wearing their club jerseys paying their respects to Louis and his family is an image that will stick with me for a long long time but the true testament to how Louis touched the hearts and minds of people across all the age spectrum’s despite his young age was clear to be seen as very young children right up to the oldest of men, all wore their jerseys and took their position side by side in the Guard of Honour to say their goodbyes to the much loved young man. If you talk to any Wicklow GAA person across County Wicklow and you mention Dunlavin the talk will undoubtedly turn to the brilliant St Nicholas Minor Team that make up a large proportion of the current Dunlavin Intermediate Team today. Louis captained that side back in 2012 and along with his teammates wrote their names proudly in Wicklow GAA history and thrilled many spectators who were lucky enough to watch them play. These memories will live on in the minds of all of us who played with him, against him or had the privilege of watching Louis in action on the GAA pitches and we ask you all to leave a comment with a little memory or photo of Louis from all walks of life, whether you played with him or against him on the GAA fields or knew him as a friend, if you could share a little memory so the stories of this great young man live on with us all.

Here’s a little memory from one of those people who knew Louis well:

Dunlavin GAA Secretary : Louise Allen

Louis took his position on the full back line of our Intermediate team. Making the Number 4 jersey his own. Louis has played football from under age with Dunlavin, and joining forces with Donard/Glen from the age of 12 for juvenile football, where he Captained the St Nicholas Minor team, leading them to a County Final win in 2012. Great memories created for our club on this occasion. There was a strong bond with Louis and his teammates. Louis was working behind the scenes on our committee for the past number of months, and had been working with Juvenile teams mentoring younger players in recent years. Rest In Peace Louis

As we posted earlier we would dearly like to thank all the GAA clubs of County Wicklow for coming out in big numbers to provide the Guard of Honour yesterday morning for Louis. We would like to pass on our sincere condolences to Louis’s Family, The Dunlavin Team and the Dunlavin Community at what must be an incredibly difficult time. We have lost a great young man and a highly talented young footballer. We appeal to you all to be open and to talk about anything that may be wrong or upsetting you, all your club mates and friends groups will be there to listen and never be afraid to say you are feeling down or something is wrong. #ItsOkNotToBeOk

With your help we will do everything possible to make sure Louis’s memory lives on across the GAA fields of County Wicklow and he will never be forgotten. May He Rest in Peace💚💛