Leinster Final Meet The Team – Saoirse O Reilly

1. Name: Saoirse O’Reilly

2. Age: 17

3. Club: St Patricks

4. Occupation: Student

5. Honours: Player of the Ellen Kinch tournament when I was 14 is one I’m proud of! Division 4 league 2018

6. Hidden Talent/Party Piece: I can play guitar while doing kickie-uppies

7. Childhood Football Hero: I have always looked up to Jackie Kinch and Niamh Mcgettigan since I’ve been young

8. Grown Up Football Hero: Lucy Mulhall and Laura Hogan

9. First Love: Gaelic football

10. Last Love: 99 ice-creams 😋

11. Favourite Teammate: I love having the chats with Amy Murphy and Laurie Ahern but playing with my mammy and sister is always fun … When you ignore the threats of being grounded if you don’t pass the ball!

12. What 3 People would you pick for your ultimate dinner date? Dom the Bomb Leech, Lucy Mulhall and Brian McSorley so I could thank them for the support they’ve given me over the past few years, meal on me!

13. Should Mick call the new baby Bill if it’s a Boy and if not what should he call the new arrival? I think Baby Bill will catch on regardless!

14. Favourite moment of the year so far? Coming on and scoring a point against Meath to help us through to the Leinster Semi-Final

15. Which team mate could not be trusted with a short range Free? Mick O’Rourke

16. Toughest player you’ve marked this year? I’ve been assaulted a good few times by Laura Hogan in training but once Emily Mulhall is marking you, there’s not much hope on escaping

17. Funniest moment of the campaign so far? When Laura Hogan decided to take it upon herself to ring my mammy and convince her to let me stay out on the sesh with girls after winning the league

18. What song would you pick for the management team to serenade the team with if Wicklow win the Leinster Final? Follow me is a good oul tune

19. Which team mate do you secretly wish you were and why? Alannah Conroy, she has every skill needed for Gaelic Football! And she’s lovely too 😊

20. Something funny about yourself that not many people know? When I was on holidays in England I once auditioned for the X-Factor as a dare from my dad. I rapped Lose Yourself, and as you can see it was not a life changing experience…


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Posted by Bill Hill Page on Thursday, 21 June 2018

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