Leinster Final Meet The Team – Niamh McGettigan

1. Name: Niamh McGettigan

2. Age: 23

3. Club: St. Pats

4. Occupation: Dietician

5. Honours: Leinster Junior Championship 2011, Junior All-Ireland Championship 2011, Division 4 League Winners 2018

6. Hidden Talent/Party Piece: I can polish off a kebab in 0.3 seconds after a night out

7. Childhood Football Hero: Karl Lacey

8. Grown Up Football Hero: Becca Hollingsworth… Player of the tournament at the Ellen Kinch Cup in case you didn’t know!

9. First Love: Stone Cold Steve Austin… I had a thing for bald, older men

10. Last Love: My new pups Lottie & Teddy

11. Favourite Teammate: Ah Bill that’s one way to rock the boat before the final! Tbf Laura Hogan always saves me my fave jellies so brownie points for that

12. What 3 People would you pick for your ultimate dinner date? James Corden, KJ Apa & Dominic Leech (even though he always calls me Sinead )

13. Should Mick call the new baby Bill if it’s a Boy and if not what should he call the new arrival? Billie & Millie has a cute ring to it!

14. Favourite moment of the year so far? Beating Meath in the first round of Leinster

15. Which team mate could not be trusted with a short range Free? I could probably be up there with the least trustworthy but I suppose I’ll go with SanJay seeing as she’s racking up all the votes Emzo you could possibly be getting away lightly here !!

16. Toughest player you’ve marked this year? The Kildare midfield gave myself and Miley a hard time of it!

17. Funniest moment of the campaign so far? Has to be Marie Kealy’s victory speech after the Division 4 final.. “we bury teams”

18. What song would you pick for the management team to serenade the team with if Wicklow win the Leinster Final? “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen

19. Which team mate do you secretly wish you were and why? Laurie Ahern.. she never stops going and that dummy solo is slickkk

20. Something funny about yourself that not many people know? When I was about 10 I tried curling my hair with a comb. The comb got stuck and my dad chose to use a saw to cut it out. Every day was a bad hair day for months after that



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Posted by Bill Hill Page on Thursday, 21 June 2018

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