Leinster Final Meet The Team – Kim Connors

1. Name: Kim Connors

2. Age: 26

3. Club: Blessington

4. Occupation: Student

5. Honours: Div 4 runner up 2017

Div 4 Winner 2018

6. Hidden Talent/Party Piece: whatever it is it’s still hidden 😂

7. Childhood Football Hero: David Beckham

8. Grown Up Football Hero: Jess Brennan & Maura Reid. Doing wonders with the club (Even if they are over the hill) 👵🏼

9. First Love: Chips

10. Last Love: Bill Hill 🧡

11. Favourite Teammate: We’re not supposed to have favourites but Laura Hogan is a good egg ✅

12. What 3 People would you pick for your ultimate dinner date? Stephen Cluxton – Marty Morrissey – Bill Hill .. star studded line up

13. Should Mick call the new baby Bill if it’s a Boy and if not what should he call the new arrival? Bill O’Rourke sounds beautiful 😂

14. Favourite moment of the year so far? Beating Meath in the first round – best moment in a Wicklow jersey 🇺🇦

15. Which team mate could not be trusted with a short range Free? SJ Winder, the poor girl would never stop celebrating 😅

16. Toughest player you’ve marked this year? Things aren’t that bad that we’ve resorting to me man-marking

17. Funniest moment of the campaign so far? Niamh McGettigan and her short lived J1 ✈️

18. What song would you pick for the management team to serenade the team with if Wicklow win the Leinster Final? Definitely one of Steps songs, they’ve been talking about them all year 😅

19. Which team mate do you secretly wish you were and why? Maedhbh Deaney – Her frees off the floor are unreal 😍

20. Something funny about yourself that not many people know? Spelling my name wrong for 18 years. Not my proudest moment 🤦🏻‍♀️


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