Leinster Final Meet The Team – Aoife Gillen

1. Name: Aoife Gillen

2. Age: Old enough

3. Club: Bray Emmett’s

4. Occupation: Strength & Conditioning coach

5. Honours: 2017 NFL D4 Runner up, 2018 NFL D4 Winners

6. Hidden Talent/Party Piece: my ability to score a point-it’s still very hidden

7. Childhood Football Hero: Thierry Henry

8. Grown Up Football Hero: Thierry Henry

9. First Love: GAA

10. Last Love: GAA

11. Favourite Teammate: The back line

12. What 3 People would you pick for your ultimate dinner date? Roy Keane, Cluxton, Obama.

13. Should Mick call the new baby Bill if it’s a Boy and if not what should he call the new arrival? Yes!

14. Favourite moment of the year so far? Beating Meath – never write off the underdogs!

15. Which team mate could not be trusted with a short range Free? SJ – she prefers anything outside the 45 with the wind

16. Toughest player you’ve marked this year? One of the Meath players!

17. Funniest moment of the campaign so far? Sarah Miley heading to Ballinakill when we had training on her doorstep

18. What song would you pick for the management team to serenade the team with if Wicklow win the Leinster Final? Queen – we are the champions, an obvious choice

19. Which team mate do you secretly wish you were and why? Amy Murphy- I’d like a left foot

20. Something funny about yourself that not many people know? Nothing springs to mind!


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