Leinster Final Meet The Team – Amy Murphy

1. Name: Amy Murphy

2. Age: 22

3. Club: An Tochar

4. Occupation: Student

5. Honours: NFL Div 4 Runners up 2017, NFL Div 4 Winner 2018

6. Hidden Talent/Party Piece: Irish dancing

7. Childhood Football Hero: “The Gooch” Colm Cooper

8. Grown Up Football Hero: Andy Moran

9. First Love: Pizza

10. Last Love: Johnny Tobin – he buys me pizza

11. Favourite Teammate: Georgina Canavan – joint at the hip since day one

12. What 3 People would you pick for your ultimate dinner date? Johnny Tobin of course, Lionel Messi and Usain Bolt, nice combo of legends there.

13. Should Mick call the new baby Bill if it’s a Boy and if not what should he call the new arrival? Ye sure why not Bill O’ Rourke has a nice ring to it and I guess he has to repay you somehow for all the publicity you’ve given us this season haha but if it’s a girl I’m sure he could make you ‘Godfather Bill’ instead if that’s the case

14. Favourite moment of the year so far? Definitely beating Meath in the Leinster Championship – felt like we won the all-Ireland that day. By far my proudest moment in the county jersey!

15. Which team mate could not be trusted with a short range Free? It would have to be SJ Winders – I’ve been paired with her once or twice for the short range kicking during training and lets just say it needs a bit of work, sorry SJ

16. Toughest player you’ve marked this year? Not sure, probably one of the Meath players.

17. Funniest moment of the campaign so far? Marie Kealy during her interview on TG4 after the league final saying “we bury teams” – only she would come out with something like that on TV haha

18. What song would you pick for the management team to serenade the team with if Wicklow win the Leinster Final? High school musical – Breaking free

19. Which team mate do you secretly wish you were and why? Jackie Kinch – would love to have a strong right peg like her and be able to soar over them beauty of points from pretty much anywhere out the field we’ve been seeing all season.

20. Something funny about yourself that not many people know? Honestly can’t think of anything, I’ll get back to ye on that one!


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Posted by Bill Hill Page on Thursday, 21 June 2018

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