Lacken Man Caught Hiding In Bushes Near Nudist Beach Arrested

Blessington Lakeshore Police today reported that an unnamed man was arrested today after being caught acting suspiciously in bushes near a nudist beach in Lacken. When arrested he was found to be in possession of strange pellet like objects laced with sedatives, binoculars, and a man size box of Kleenex tissues.

Police confirmed that they had received a report from a worried member of the public who had been sunbathing at the popular nudist haunt and noticed the man acting suspiciously in bushes nearby. The eyewitness described him as a dark haired man, roughly 6ft tall and of average build and he appeared to be feverishly trying to open his fly zipper or pulling hard on some unseen object but her vision was obscured by the bushes. The beach goer also alerted other beach users of the presence of the unwanted prying eyes and they huddled together for safety, unsure what nasty intentions the peeping tom might have.

Worried Beach Goers

Unconfirmed reports say that this carry on is very commonplace with a lot of well known pests and peeping toms living in the Lacken area who frequent the bushes close to the nudist beach. However police have said it was very concerning to find the sedatives in the pellet like objects and they suspect that a more sinister intention was in play in this scenario to what you would normally expect from the many known local pests.

The ISPCA also issued an appeal to alert Blessington Lakeshore police if you suspect or know any peeping toms who might frequent the bushes near the Lacken Nudist beach and any information in that regard would be appreciated as it may prevent further incidents of this nature.