Kiltegan’s Crazy Waterboy Gives Junior Hurling Team Inspirational County Final Team Talk

Any of you who have been fortunate/misfortunate enough to have came up against Kiltegan in Junior Hurling will know only too well that they pride themselves on having some of the most manic backroom team members. With more passion than a Roundwood man at a sheep sales, these demented individuals fire up their team before going to war on the killing fields that are Wicklow Junior Hurling. Here we have the Kiltegan Junior Hurling teams latest Maor Uisce giving his team his opinions on where they have been lacking in the build up to the County Final…..He has two perfectly good eyes but the team don’t know that as legend has it he lost it in a 1972 county final with Carnew and he is happy to have them believe it. The truth is he always wanted to be a pirate growing up and he wears the eye patch anyway because he’s mad as a box of Blessington women and he watched Bird Box last night so he doesn’t want to risk looking at them Glenealy hoors and the voices in his head say Glenealy is the devil!

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