Ironic Tales – Knockananna Man Lost in Barndarrig (The Video)

As many of you lucky survivors may know, Knockananna is a one of the most treacherous places on the planet for even the most skilled navigators. Many tales have been told of many ill fated trips to the Bermuda Triangle of South West Wicklow where many good men and women have been lost to the endless network of pointless roads that all lead back to the village where local slippery gypsies have taken countless misfortunate travellers captive to have their wicked way.

But every now and then Karma decides to hit back and Bill will now tell you of one such instance. As Bill was searching for any signs of technological advancements in Amish Barndarrig he stumbled upon the video you are about to see. After a bit of research we traced the video back to Paul Canna who was more than happy to relay the story behind this epic video.

The story is set around a man by the name of Paddy Byrne from Knockananna who just so happens to be one of the top physio’s in County Wicklow and it was due to this fact and the high demand for his services that we got one of the great stories of our time!

Paddy was booked by Kiltegan GAA to rub down their best footballing talent as they were down to play Kilbride in a Junior Football Clash for the ages. Being the consummate professional that he is and with punctuality being one of his finest qualities, nothing was going to be left to chance when it came to arriving on time so he employed the service of his trusty sat nav to guide him on the best path to his destination. Alas punctuality may be one of his greatest traits but to his detriment Geography was not as poor Paddy failed to realise that another Kilbride existed in exactly the opposite end of County Wicklow than the one where the game was taking place and to further the misery for poor Paddy, word got out that he had in fact played a match himself in his hoped for destination only 6 months previously, much to the delight of local Knockananna comedians who heaped untold slagging upon him.

So without further ado turn up the volume and enjoy as we give you the video that details the actual events around this classic. This is fantastic……

If you have any similar funny tales or videos that are all in good spirits then why not send them in to Bill Hill Wicklow!


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