Ireland Expecting Cold Snap Next Week

With a mild Winter period so far leaving us relatively toasty there’s a change expected for Ireland next week. Joanne Ireland is heading on her annual ski holiday to her better halves family out in Aspen Colorado and as the in laws are mad hoors for a game of Snap it’s now become an Annual tradition to hike up the hills, build an igloo and play snap in the cold🥶 Here’s a photo of her playing Cold Snap on last years trip and she has swore that she won’t be trying Strip Snap this year after losing a nipple to the frostbite last time out😂 

For those of you hoping there was snow on the way, go suck a fart you’ll have snow such luck😉😅 Heres a photo of the last big cold spell to cheers you up though…

My pants froze, and froze hard. So tight. Even thinking about it takes me back. Have you ever seen a penguin walk after an intense mating season? Have you? When a woman’s pants freeze as rock solid as mine—let me tell you, my friends, even that was nothing compared to the ice-cold refreshment of a Coors Light in Rathnew. Man, my pants were tight.”

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