In Conjunction With Lizzie Keogh’s Bar Baltinglass We Have A Little Surprise Gesture For The Enniskerry Junior B Winning Team & Management


We don’t need to remind you of the fact that Enniskerry were crowned Junior B Football Champions after a long awaited county final victory. What happened in the aftermath is also well documented and a very unfortunate thing for the team and their supporters.

But thankfully all the lads are here to tell the tale and we have decided to help them get back to really celebrating the brilliant win with little gesture that will hopefully give them a great club night out to celebrate when they are all ready to have a few pints.

Together with the newly opened Lizzie Keogh’s Bar in Baltinglass we have two Kegs of Rockshore ready and waiting for the Enniskerry lads and the club supporters behind the Bar in Baltinglass for a club night out whenever they are ready to come down. At the same time we were asked to promote Lizzie Keogh’s the newest Bar in Baltinglass, we were at the same time deciding on what we could do to help the lads get the celebrations back to full swing when they were all ready and a mad coincidence took place. It just so happens that Jamie McTernan who has opened Lizzie Keogh’s has fairly strong connections with Enniskerry and the Enniskerry team as the famous Mac’s Bar in Enniskerry is named after Jamie’s family as his dad ran the Powerscourt Arms Hotel where Mac’s Bar can be found and Jamie actually togged out for Enniskerry in the past.

So to all in Enniskerry GAA club, when you are all good and ready there are two kegs of Rockshore which we are reliably informed is the most popular pint amongst the team, waiting for you all in Lizzie Keogh’s Bar in Baltinglass so if you would like to make a club night of it and enjoy the best of West Wicklow hospitality, Jamie and the kegs and the good people of Baltinglass will be waiting to welcome you all and maybe even the lads from Avoca could join you for a few pints in the spirit of the GAA. Jamie will have a band sorted and hopefully a good crowd can travel and make it a great night for all and the celebrations can be really enjoyed.

For anyone in Baltinglass make sure to stop by Lizzie Keogh’s for a pint and a bit of craic. Here’s a video of what’s on offer at Lizzie Keogh’s and this video is all the more special as it was made by Blessington GAA star David Boothman who is a great man to get for any video/photography promotions for your business so don’t look past him:

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