If You’re Not In You Can’t Win – Long Running Carlow GAA Win A House Draw Concludes But Not Without Controversy

The long running Saga that has been the Carlow GAA Win A House Draw today came to a conclusion with the Live Draw taking place in Netwatch Cullen Park but  despite the best efforts this draw in keeping with the trials and tribulations surrounding the cancellations of previous draw deadlines, ended with some degree of controversy.

Unfortunately for Carlow GAA ticket sales were nowhere near the required amount to make it a success when previous draw deadlines were reached and the draw had to be extended multiple times much to the disappointment of ticket holders and those hoping to raise funding for Carlow GAA.
In truth you would have to feel great sympathy for both the organisers and those who purchased tickets as this draw continued to drag on and on but today the final whistle was due to be blown and a lucky ticket holder would have the keys of a lovely new house. The scene was set in a sun kissed Netwatch Cullen Park with a fresh May breeze blowing just hard enough to keep the official tasked with the transfer of the tickets from the secured box to the draw drum on his toes as he ensured no ticket blew across the Carlow skyline. 

There could be no arguments with the set up as everything was very professionally organised with independent adjudicators and despite the audio being a little distorted the long awaited draw was ready to go. The world and his mother were thanked and all the tickets were transferred to the drum or at least that’s what we hope as some live followers spotted an anomaly that might need further clarification as when the camera panned to confirm an empty ticket box, there tucked in against the side was a little white piece of paper! 

The comments on the live draw Facebook post queried whether the draw was indeed done with everyone’s ticket in the draw drum and this mysterious piece of paper has left a big question to be clarified as to what it actually was. The draw was made and the lucky winner Kevin Aylward has bagged himself a brand new house and what a prize to win it was. Hopefully Carlow GAA made some funds as this draw was one that gave many some very sleepless nights and no doubt the clarity over that mysterious white paper will be given in due course. 
Here’s the link to the draw: