Help With Edwards Healing

Edward is a 46 year old Dad and husband from Baltinglass, Co Wicklow.  He is a private, laid back, loving, generous and “can turn his hand to anything” kind of person.

He was diagnosed in August 2018 with Ampullary adenocarcinoma which is an incurable rare form of cancer that forms in the digestive system.  He did chemotherapy in 2018/2019 and the side effects became too much. He changed his diet and used alternative treatments and was doing well until last year.  He started to feel pain and discomfort and follow up tests showed his tumour markers were extremely high.  Once again chemotherapy was offered. The chemotherapy will not cure the cancer and the tumour is inoperable. Reluctantly he started treatment again until he had complications with infections.  He recently came home after 5 weeks in hospital. This was an extremely lonely time for us all with the restrictions.  He is currently lethargic and is struggling to get back on his feet.

There are some alternative cancer care clinics offering non toxic protocols but these are overseas and expensive.  These protocols could improve his overall physical condition and possible even shrink the tumour to make it operable.  We have contacted a few clinics in Mexico who can offer up to 22 alternative therapies.  These clinics offer treatment programmes of 3 to 6 weeks. We want an opportunity to help him with his healing and do everything we can.  This is not something we have entered into lightly but feel that we have no other choice.

Edward is the brother in law of well known Baltinglass and former Wicklow Senior Inter County Footballer Mikey English and we know that the Wicklow GAA community is a tight knit one where club allegiances and differences are always put aside at times of nee and we are fully confident that the GAA community will rally behind the O Brien family and give Edward every chance of getting the life saving treatment he needs. A little from many can be a lot so we ask you all to give whatever you can and most importantly to share and encourage as many other people as possible to do the same. The power of many can get Edward the chance of this treatment so please take the time to help spread the word. This is a young man with a young family and we can make sure that he has the best chance to beat this by doing our bit to help