Gary Jameson’s Thoughts On Wicklow’s National League Promotion & Leinster Championship Campaign
Credit: Photo by Piaras Ó Mídheach/Sportsfile

We Caught Up With Wicklow Senior Football Mentor Gary Jameson To Get His Thoughts After Wicklow Went Back To Back In Wexico City…

Firstly well done on another brilliant win, what are your thoughts on today’s massive Leinster Championship win over Wexford?

Delighted for the lads and how they played today, we had a good weeks preparation with them leading into today and their performance reflected that application during the week. It may not of been the prettiest game of football to watch but sometimes it just about winning!

To be able to go back to Wexford just a week after winning promotion there was going to be a tough challenge mentally as much as it was going to be on the field and a winners mentality was what was going to be required to get the job done. How much importance do you put in the mentality side of things?

Yeah it’s something we spoke about before we left Wexford Park last Saturday, we had put a huge effort in over the last few weeks to get promoted and achieved that goal, which was great, but today was goin to be a clean slate in a new competition so we challenged them to see what they wanted, were they happy or did they want more… Ya can guess their answer!!!
So in order to go again we stressed the importance of the recovery work needed which Dan Moore looked after, the physio team were busy all week & we would of altered training load to allow lads mentally & physically recovery. We have some serious leaders in the group and we knew by the way they trained durin the week they were intent in travelling down to wexford and winning again.

The long serving members of the squad have been through tough times and it’s testament to their drive and pride to represent Wicklow and there’s no more deserving players for some success. Belief is hard to attain when a county hasn’t had much success but this group of players have that and they have in turn brought the rest of the county with them in believing Wicklow have as much right to compete and have every chance of a win when they take the field. How does that play into Sunday’s clash with Meath?

I think we are lucky with the group we have as there’s a nice blend of youth and experience, but regardless of age they have all have a similar desire to give 100% for Wicklow.
Deano, Roxy, Jacko and co. will get all the plaudits in the media but I’m certain those lads don’t get us the wins over the last few weeks without the squad we have, ya seen the impact non starters had over the last few games and then there’s lads who unfortunately we couldn’t even name in the match day 26 recently, quality players like Zach, Finto, Peter, Cillian Mac etc… they have been excellent in helping prep these lads week in week out. That brings confidence in your preparations, that prep can then get ya results and then those results breathe more confidence… Belief comes from repeating that process I suppose.
Meath are a serious side, only relegated from Division 1 recently, but we knew a win today would mean a home game in the next round and regardless of opponent we will prepare to give them a real battle again next Sunday.

The squad depth is outstanding and in truth on any given day there can’t be much between being a starter or a panelist with the quality of player at your disposal which must give you and the management team a serious headache. Given the high standard of football witnessed in this years club championship there’s bound to be a lot of guys pushing to be a part of the squad next season. Would you be an advocate for a repeat of this years club championship format?

It’s a tough one to sort and I’m sure there’s plenty people smarter than me to look into that but I would definitely say it was a bonus for us to watch so much football this year. Davey, Mike & myself got to see lads in action all over the county, we got junior A , intermediate & senior matches every weekend and I know that might not of happened in a ‘normal’ season.
2020 has been a strange year and after a quiet summer I think once we have GAA available I’m not overly concerned in what order it is!!

On Sunday Meath will roll into town with a swagger, they along with so many in the GAA media will believe they have a god given right to leave Aughrim with a win based off being traditionally in a higher league and after playing in division 1 this year. In a sense we are considered to be a novelty story and we will not be given a prayer against Meath. What would you say to that?

Bring it on….. sure who doesn’t like a challenge👊🏻